Hello there, I am IronicIsaacHD. I used to be xizeck on this page and it's been a long time since I came back here. I've seen and came across some pretty unique creepypastas. I'm the one who made "The misleading Ads" creepypasta here.

I am about to tell you my experience on a game which had clickbait and I shouldn't have fallen for it.


Don't you just "love" ROBLOX that you feel like you hate it? No? That is fine. I always played ROBLOX and I would still do, the community there just makes me feel ashamed that I play the game, I try to defend it but nothing seems to work. False Ads, copied games, spinoffs from Steam and the worst of all, Clickbait.

Remember when I made a creepypasta about misleading ads? This is what I was talking about. I was on a ROBLOX game, not too popular and not too lame. It was just right for me, the game is called Hotline ROBLOX. It was like Hotline Miami but multiplayer. It was fun, I always join a server and conquer the match with my skills. I even got better at the real Hotline Miami games just from Hotline ROBLOX! Anyways, before I clicked play, I came across a suggested game, it had no title but it was "recommended just for you (me)" I was bored and I decided to rate and review of how good the game is. The thumbnail was completely confusing, It was a noob shooting a OD'er/LMAD'er and the thumbnail looked sketchy like if they took the picture inside ROBLOX Studio. So it was a fighting game, they really weren't my type but I always like to try something new once in a while. I clicked played and the game screen popped up, I sat up to focus on what the game is about. When I joined, I was completely fooled.

Strange Occurrings

When the game was finally loaded, it was nothing that I expected. It was just the nothing except the models of the thumbnail.