Does anyone Remember circle studs? ya know the good old days from 2008? well, I wish I didn't, if you're wondering why, its because of a old memory. It was 2008 I just made an account (assassinzane) it was all fine and dandy so of course I went to play a game instead of staying on the home page for a entire hour, I joined crossroads there were about 6 Players including me in the game I was doing well and bloxxing players left and right until the game shut down. I Thought Nothing of it because my PC was really crummy, so I rejoined and something was off. the players and the same name just with different numbers (IAMHERE 1 - 3500) the game turned pitch black and the only players after it went black were, IAMHERE 666, the map changed drastically so there was a black hall way with grey walls, IAMHERE666 Was at the end of the hallway saying *I Was always here* right the way to *why, did you do this?* I got freaked out and asked him *what?* and *are you OK?* he never responded. that was when I realized what I had just done. he teleported behind me and insta-killed me with the slingshot, I spawned In a different area, it was all fine until I realized the studs had turned into spikes and Eyes. I Quit the game immediately checked the blog for anyone else who had seen this happen. but the only blog post was... WE SEE YOU _____ (My Name). I Wondered how they found out my name, but then it was to late... I felt a sharp pain in my foot, I looked down to a Giant Spike that drilled the middle of my foot in half, I Saw the veins being pulled to each side to my foot, I Blacked Out. I Woke up in a hospital nobody was there. I Screamed at the top of my lungs until someone came, or someTHING came it was unbarable. In its face was a giant whole with his brain and other face organs spilled out of it, I Looked down to see his intestines had been pulled out. that was when he pulled out a giant knife and stabbed my in my stomach he whispered *im gonna make you look like me...* he then fell on the floor when I woke up in a hospital... a real hospital. I Was tooken home after the Incident. the last thing that happened was, I woke up to my Walls closing in on me with Circle Studs with Eyes and Spikes on them, just about to touch me, Me and my family moved house we now live the rest of my life in caution, I have stopped playing any games by ROBLOX so I dont have to go through this experience, again.

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