Note:The only true things in this creepypasta is the place , my OBC , BC and TBC accounts and my roblox on ipad iphone and PC. also i live in a apartment irl.

i was bored in my apartment and i was thinking of playing roblox. i had roblox in my PC , IPad and IPhone. i chose my IPhone. then i had a OBC , BC and NBC account. i chose my NBC account. then i was searching unpopular games made with roblox stamper tool that is obbys because the popular games crash my iphone. then i found this game called Christmas Obby (More stages soon!) i looked at the creators username and his name is InsaneDude9ALT. then it had no creation date- so weird. then i played the game. theres no any models or anything made with studio- boring. so when i played it i saw it was just the obby starter template made by ROBLOX when you create a game. then behind the starter platform was a being-bulit platform made out of red stamper blocks. a few moments later the whole skies turned black


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