DISCLAIMER: This creepypasta contains false information about ROBLOX.

I was randomly changing the profile ID on ROBLOX to odd, creepy, and satanic numbers. Then, I thought to myself "Maybe I should stop entering in creepy numbers and start entering in "meme" numbers." so I changed it to 1337. Then came up a player named Chi Cago.

The player had a place named 1337. It was just a black baseplate with a stud surface. I wasn't bothered to press play. But then, I looked at the user‘s profile and it said that the player's account was made on the 1st of August, 2015. I was confused. Usernames in ROBLOX can't have spaces. So, I went back to his profile page. I looked at his badges and he had the Veteran badge.

"But, how?" I thought to myself. I messaged ROBLOX about this, and after waiting for 72 hours, they replied with:

Hello, thanks for contacting us!

We would like to personally inform you that this account has been deleted.

It's definitely not deleted, as I went back to Chi Cago's profile page after I read ROBLOX's reply. I wasn't bothered to reply as I thought they would reply with nonsense.

So, without further ado, I pressed Play on Chi Cago's game.

I saw nothing but a black baseplate with a stud surface. Then, it suddenly dissapeared and shrunk down to a really small part. I couldn't move or else I would've fell down to the void. Then, another really small part appeared and to my surprise, Chi Cago appeared. The player wasn't on the leaderboard, so I thought that this is all just a stupid game that's pointless. But then, Chi Cago's name actually appeared on the leaderboard.

Then, he started talking nonsense.

"59 6f 75 27 72 65 20 6e 65 78 74 2e" Chi Cago said.

Then he left the game. I was terrified so I closed ROBLOX. As soon as I did that, my wallpaper changed. It said the same thing that Chi Cago said: 59 6f 75 27 72 65 20 6e 65 78 74 2e.

At this point, I was really scared, so I turned off my computer. It was 11 PM, so I had to sleep.

The next day, my computer monitor was all scratched. But then I noticed the scratches were saying something. It said "You're next." Then, a person that was completely black, opened my door and approached me. He/she was carrying a pocket knife. I was standing there, frozen in place, terrified. He/she scratched my left arm using their knife, then ran away. My arm was bleeding, it was sompainful that I was barely able to move it.

My parents took me to the hospital, after that, I've never seen that person again. I quit ROBLOX and I never want to stay up late anymore.