NOTE: I dont care if there is 1m cliches. Just read the story. I dont care if it is not scary.

Design It

Design It. My favorite game until another game came out. I played it, then I asked my friends to come and play with me. They all replied: "Okay!"

I noticed they didn't join for the next hour. I checked to see their account so I can join their server. I finally joined the server, but I was the only one in the server. I told them to join again through chat. They didn't reply. Then for some reason, I was disconnected from the server and my computer was shut down. I tried almost everything to fix my PC. Then Design It was turned on by the PC itself. I didn't want to play Design It because I thought all this would happen again. I played Murder Mystery 2 instead.

Murder Mystery 2

I started playing Murder Mystery 2. While I was playing it, I decided Design It wasn't my favorite game of all anymore. All my friends joined the server and said, "Hey! Why didn't you reply to any of the messages on the chat?"

"Because my computer disconnected me from the server and shut off my computer."

I was finally murderer in the game. This server was only for my friends, so everyone else rather than my friends would be disconnected. Then at some point, all my friends got disconnected and banned. Then while I was murderer, charlesdarwin456 joined the server. He was an innocent. I told him, "Hey, you! I thought this server was visitor-proof!"

He said, "You are quite mean, and since you are mean, I banned all your friends."

I blocked and reported charlesdarwin456 to the ROBLOX team. Then he shot me with a gun but he couldn't do that because he was an innocent. The ROBLOX team banned charlesdarwin456.

Design It ( again )

I didn't want to waste my time playing Murder Mystery 2 forever. I went back to play Design It. No one joined the server and it was visitor-proof again. My friends joined the server and waited for my other friends to join. Charlesdarwin456 joined again, even though ROBLOX had banned him. He banned my friends new accounts, alt accounts, and old accounts.

"What do you want again, charlesdarwin456?" I asked.

"I want your soul." he said.

He banned me, but not my alt account and old account. I searched for the guy in ROBLOX, but 1 result showed up, and that was his real account.

He chatted me. "Hello, Joe.*"

"I thought I blocked you!"

"You are still mean, and this time I will ban your alt and old account." I searched in the net to find a cheat engine to hack charlesdarwin456's account so I could go and delete his account. I did it, but it deleted ROBLOX instead. I noticed the cheat engine I got was by charlesdarwin456 and the name changed to: "How To Delete ROBLOX By Using Another Person's Account".

Then a voice said: "Happy now?"

The End

"Why are you haunting me?"

"For my revenge!"

"What did I do?"

"What? You got amnesia?"

"What did I do wrong?"

"You haunted ME."

Then my computer shut off for the 2nd time. I invited my friends in real life to come and go to see what happened wrong. One of my friends was a mechanic, but he didn't fix it. They left.

Charlesdarwin456 murdered my friends during the night. I was scared. The next day on chat after ROBLOX was revived, he messaged me.

"You're next."

I couldn't get this off my mind. What was he gonna do to me? On ROBLOX, I tried to make new friends and one of my friends' moms made a ROBLOX account to tell me what happened yesterday. She chatted, "WHAT HAPPENED TO JIM?!"

Charles joined in the chat somehow and said: "Oh, nothing."


Charles said, "Charizard? Stop trolling."


Charles instantly became owner of the chat somehow and removed me and my friend's mom from the chat. I rage quit ROBLOX and never played it again. I remember he'd said, "You're next."

The next day there were bloody footsteps leading to a dead ROBLOX admin. On top of the dead ROBLOX admin, there was a message saying, "Joe, you're dead."

I looked at my body to check if I was really dead. I noticed I really was dead. I thought he would murder me the "next day" but he murdered me at my sleep...



  • Joe is the name in the story