The user Tfeldnihebnikard is an old ROBLOX user,He made his account back in 2007/2008.What was creepy about him is that in his about when you would read it, Everytime it would be a persons name, The last person who went into his game "KardShadows" (Kard is Dark Backwards) Would have his name, on the about page, And there would be a model of the user bleeding, With a knife stabbed into his chest, I Once came across this user in a game, He whispered to me "Come to my place, You're dreams will come true" I believed him (I Was so dumb to do so) And i joined his game, Seconds later I crashed, And it sent me back to his page, Meanwhile I was trying to figure out what his name means, I Thought it was scrambled at the start, But no, Later i read it backwards it said: Leftinbehindindark Which creeped me out, I Tried to close out of his profile but it didn't let me, I Shut down my PC and opened it again, Then whenever i would go onto a ROBLOX game My ads would turn black and my screen would have a picture of a kid standing in the dark, Then i bought a new PC, Things were back to normal, 1 Month later, I get a message from him saying "Don't try to run,Im always there,You don't exactly know where, I Will find you, And Rip you apart, Darkness will soon conquer you. I Blocked him, But then, Whenever i go onto a game I would crash instantly and text will appear at the top saying "It's too late to run, Darkness has gotten you." So then, I got a message from him saying "Come on,Stop running and try to Fight back" So, I Ignored that message and I moved location and bought a new router and I got a new PC and Everything was back to normal, And everything was normal, About 1 year later ROBLOX terminated his account. But who knows? He might be back on an alt...

I Have a pic of his avatar, Here



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