PThis is a catagory for ROBLOX creepypastas that take place ingame.All of the usernames are hidden so it can't mean no harm except the Encrypted_Oral.

Story Of Encrypted_Oral

As usual, playing with my friends and investigating vault 8166. after a few hours a player joined our server that is named “Encrypted_Oral” and he scared us. We thought he was just a fake hacker but, One message he replied was....

Encrypted_Oral: You thought this is fake.? Well, let's see and find out.

‘Replied by my friend’ : Ha! Oooh is encrypted a hacker?? Hahaha! what will gonna do? Ban me ? Hahaha!

Encrypted_Oral:Wish is my command .:)

Friend 1 has left the game.

Me replied: Huh? What did you do!.

Encrypted_Oral : You don't know? HA! I'll tell you later.

My friend said:AH! Pls don't harm me! I'm just a 8 years old girl! Promise will never tell bad things to you!!! Pls don't ban me!!

To be continued...

(Still Editing)