Hello! Im here making NEW creepy pasta! Hope you enjoy! (*_*)

It was one stormy night and i was in playing roblox in my room. The light bulb was out in my room. Which convinsed me not to stay there, rather then i could go downstairs. Since my computer was done charging i decided you play some roblox.

As soon as i got onto roblox i noticed something. The best played game was in japenise writeing. That google translate helped me to confare to 'Man hunt' It was intimidating, and freaky, more creepy that ATDEHUNT Was the owner. What i thought was 'At the Hunt' Both games were around same date join and create. The comments were edited saying. 'WOW I GOT A FREE MAN HUNT HAT'.

Being the numskull i was i decided to play. But i called a friend for company. When i joined. It was black dark, no flash light. We both lost connection. 4 eggs appeared. It was confusing why this was popular with... 666K visits? That was a despite thats happened with 666 people on work at a pizzaa place or something. So i collected the and and nearlly flew out of the window when 'STOP' Blood came up.

As soon as that happened me and my friend came to the 'Temple' Place. We walked over to this guy called. ZAZAZAZZAZAZAAZAZA who was black wearing the sailor hat looking to the wall. Lots of people suddenly joined as a total of 9. Then everything turned black. He said "toffeecandles away!" Then "Cyansparkletime away!" We lost connection and rejoined.

Soon after we updated we joined. A temple. With 666 year old celebration sign on it. When we went in. Heads on sticks with blood dripping off appeared and we heard a slender man noise then it happened in a constant loop until 666 joined and it went red, and got messaged. "Your safe now." I nearlly broke my moniter as soon as my speakers burst...

Soon then my mom came up and said. 'S4PP3RS R3ADY!'


To be continued: Hes back! My nightmares back! Thanks for reading!


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