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camdyn08 (???)'s weakness (3 days ago, also a video message)

Lenny341: Look Joey6076xxXXxx, he's never going to come.

Joey6076xxXXxx: He will, now be quiet.

(a quiet breeze fills the room)

camdyn08: Good job, you have summoned me. Now, what do you want?

(Joey6076xxXXxx splashes "Holy Water" at camdyn08)

camdyn08: NOW I'M MAD!

(The 2 girls scream and well.....that's was it. That is what I found in the tape. 1/12 of the message)

Though I never though he hated "Holy Water" hmm maybe he isn't immortal after all.

(I decided to put the tape in a book my friend gave to me)


The cover of the book

Front page

The Front page

Pg 14-15

Page 14-15

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