I joined a game Called Never Join back, My friend Ezako Joined in with me, We were looking around, Then Builder Man Joined. I went up to him and So did Ezako I asked builder man "Hey Dude! You are the best ROBLOX worker ever!" Thinking That he would reply, Ezako said "Idk what he's doing" Then, Something Happened...Me and Ezako's Computers shutdown, I don't know why. I called Ezako. I asked him if we were hacked. He said idk. i told him to get his computer fixed with me.


We Both got our computers fixed, It was my birthday, Ezako got me 2 redeem cards for 100 dollars. so i went on roblox and my avatar Didn't Have my limiteds or anything else My avatar was Just a black character.


Its been a month I was never On since last month, So i went online Ezako's account was deleted. When i clicked the page it wasn't normal builder man he was white and with red glowing eyes and a bloody mouth and instead of a hammer it was Ezako's Head on a sword, i freaked out, i called ezako. he was too scared to even talk. instead of being the normal terminated thing to notify you. he told me it said Your Fault for playing.


Ezako got a new account called Ayzako We went back to Never Join Back, Builderman Joined 4 minutes after He talked after Ezako Asked him Why Did you do it? Builder man replied "You will regret"


I was on a Skype call with Ezako and our other two friends Jxke_Ayyee and Mr_Jxs0n We all decided to go to Never Join Back, after like 19 minutes we all crashed restarted our computers and all our computer screens were that weird builder man sitting in a white room and me with a sword in my neck ayzakowith his limbs cut off except for his head and torso Mr_Jxs0n with no head and Jxke_ayyee with Only a head and a knife in it.

We never played roblox again......