Before You Read

NEVER EDIT, a random wikia noob idiot erased all data of a GOOD creepypasta. NOTHING HERE IS TRUE, EXCEPT FOR BUILDERMAN

January 8, 2016

01/08/11, A robloxian, called Builderman, is a haunted robloxian, but why? That's exactly the reason why you are listening to me. Okay, lets start. Builderman, is a robloxian, made by some of the devs of game. A dev once controlled such player, and is now GONE. No evidence of him still alive here, no nothing. Well, the last sightings of him was on Prison Life, by Aesthetical. A player shot him in ROBLOX, with a gun that's not even in the game. The gun was named: INFINITE DEATH SHOT-12. A gun used to kill the player in real life. UNFINISHED

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