This is where the grass figures were spotted eating dead bodies at the cannibalistic diner.

Bobbys_Here is a user that randomly registered on ROBLOX on the 14th of December, 2016. Almost little to nothing is known about this user that he has a very strange and bizarre game, called, "Memories". 



Image of what the user Bobbys_Here looks like.

Game Link:

This user is on at random, and the time spands of him being offline can range to even a month, this user was not discovered until early 2017. The game, "Memories" has multiple triggers hidden in some areas where you slowly build a world, the game is very weird, with multiple grass figures in multiple different poses as, walking, sitting, and standing. In one area of the game the figures are falling, and no one has no idea why that is there. The game is black and white, giving it old feel to it, hence the name, "Memories." This user also has a hidden inventory where you need to change the URL in order to access it. Once that is accessed, he owns 2 decals.


Upon further ravaging through Bobby's inventory, another yet bizarre game can be spotted, it is not accessable at the moment of this being written, but it truly is bizzare by judging the thumbnail.

Hidden game:

Bobby doesn't have anything else in his inventory, everything else is empty, except his T-Shirts where he can be see wearing a "B" T-Shirt. Some peoples theories is that both users, Littlenathanial, and Leptosome, are related to Bobby because of how all 3 of their building styles are very much alike.

Littlenathanial's Game:

Leptosome's Game:

The game, "Memories" seems to tell the story of the grass figures since they're located everywhere throughout the game. Once you keep progressing through, it becomes more, and more strange. At one point grass figures seem to be eating dead bodies, which brings the idea of a horric diner for cannibalism. The game is surrounded by death, and everything seems to fall apart. 

Note: This game is very well-made and has scripting, great building, music, and even some kind of story. It also has filters to prevent hackers/exploiters. 

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