Bobby's current appearance.

Bobbys_Here is a user that registered on ROBLOX on the 14th of December, 2016. He has 41,476 total place visits and counting. On the 15th of September 2017 he reached 500 followers. Almost little to nothing is known about him apart from that he has created many strange and bizarre things. 

Bobby is online at random, and the time spans of him being offline can range from a few weeks to even a month. This user was not discovered until early 2017. 

ROBLOX Profile


Bobby only has 1 friend currently. A user named "Lars_Bar".


Lars Bar

Lars'/Lar's current appearance.

Not much to nothing is known of Lar/Lars apart from that he owns a game titled "My bar.".

"My bar."

The game "My bar." is unusually cheerful. With upbeat 90's music, a black and white color scheme and a bartender without a face; you almost know something is up. Well...maybe.

One thing to note about the inside, is that you can see what appears to be a head and a torso resting on the bar shelf at the back.


Bobby has a hidden inventory only accessible by changing the URL. In his inventory you can find 5 decals.

Decals in order of creation:


Upon further investigation through Bobby's inventory, more yet bizarre games have been found. Only "Memories" is accessible from the page directly, but there are most likely teleports that lead to the others in this game.

Games in order of creation:

  • "Memories" Created 12/14/2016, updated 8/2/2017)
  • "My House" (Created 1/29/2017, updated 8/2/2017)
  • "Dreams" (Created 2/6/2017, updated 4/11/2017)
  • "Society" (Created 3/15/2017, updated 4/23/2017)
  • "." (Created 3/26/2017, updated 4/2/2017)


The game, "Memories" has multiple triggers hidden in some areas where you slowly build a vast world of craziness. The game is very odd, with people portrayed as grass figures in multiple different poses such as walking, sitting, and standing. Everything but the players who join is black and white, giving an old feel to it; hence the name "Memories." It seems to tell the story of the grass figures since they're located everywhere throughout the game. As you progress through, it becomes stranger, yet stranger. The game is surrounded by death, and everything seems to fall apart. This game is very well-made, has good scripting, great building, music, and even some kind of story.

Notable Areas

  • A circle of grass figures stood around a cross.
  • A pile of dead bodies on top of a table.
  • A group of grass figures with torches stood in front of another grass figure hung from a gallows. Behind the group, to the left is what seems to be a homeless man saying "I'm freezing..." with a sign saying "Donate."
  • A smaller version of Lars'/Lar's "My bar."
  • A platform with 3 tables. On these 3 tables are individual machetes laid flat down. The 3rd machete is dug into the table, seeming like it's recently been used.


From information gathered, there are portals that link to every game of Bobby's. One known area resides beside the spawn. The path leads to a portal directly ahead (to "My House"), one to your left (to "My bar.") and one to the right (to "Dreams").

Another trigger reveals a portal directly above the figure "Circles" at spawn that leads to "Society" but if you take a moment to look, the entrance looks exactly like the thumbnail of "Forsaken World".

"Forsaken World"

No information yet exists about this game. Please add what you find here.

"My House"

There is not much in this game, apart from a single house that contains basic household furniture and a static T.V.

Around the back of the house you can find multiple garbage bags along with yet another grass figure buried in the garbage bags. This possibly symbolizes that Bobby is either a murder, or somebody lives/lived behind Bobby's house.


Dreams appears to be a dream world of some sort. The bottom of the skybox is tinted pink to give a dreamy/relaxed feeling. There are floating trees and grass figures scattered everywhere. Small clouds are seen.

Notable Area

If you look up onto a higher platform/zoom your camera out, you can see what appears to be the barman or Lar/Lars from Lars'/Lar's "My bar." looking out into the distance.


Society is a game that is in a white limbo and has 4 different rooms and 2 white figures. The figures might be Bobby and Lar's. The portal there a pillar of grass figures climbing up above the "Circles" statue.


This game spawns you in onto a bridge in the middle of a forest. The chat and the player list are disabled, and the camera is locked to first person. Given the creepy feel to the game, it's also met with a disturbing ambience. As you walk down the bridge, it seems to go on forever. That is, until you meet another side. Another wall, another door. Almost identical to where you spawn in. Walking into the door however, does not teleport you anywhere. To my disappointment, there seems to be nothing else of interest in this game.

This appears to be the first game without any grass figures or any story.

"Bobbys_Here's Place Number: 7"

Nothing is known of this game yet as it is not accessible directly and probably nowhere else either as there is no title, icon or thumbnail. It is most likely a new game Bobby is working on.


Speaking Grass Figures

7 Grass figures in memories can speak. (I counted the Circles statue) One of which that say "You are ill." above the cloud of people,"They wouldn't understand" Under the tree, "It's not your fault." Next to the ledge of the tree, "I'm freezing" The poor grass figure says, "It's too much for me." Inside the small stone house next to the bridge, "If Only." Behind the graveyard, and The "Circles" at spawn. But what if you put them in a sentence? The outcome would be.. "Circles,You are ill. It's not your fault It's too much for me they wouldn't understand, If only."

Maybe Circles was extremely close to Bobby, and then Circles got sick and died. Then Bobby went on a rampage killing everyone in his insanity. (Its a theory tho C:)


Bobby was a good-willing man, he hung out at his friend's bar, he had fun with his friends (Grass figures) and he visited his family. Until, he started going crazy. Everyone was the same, lifeless grass figures to him, no feelings, no nothing. The only thing he rememberd was his friend, Lar/Lars.

Lar/Lars could've actually been his girlfriend, but I'm not sure.

Bobby started being a psycho, he killed his family and friends (except from Lar/Lars), he couldn't help it, so he killed his friend and himself at their bar. This is where "Dreams" comes in. The dreams are actually the after-life, as Bobby imagines it. Everything's over in the after-life. No craziness, no blood, no nothing. And he still lives there, to this day. Relaxed and with his friend, Lar/Lars.

Credit to CutieCaty1 please for trying to solve the mystery. :)


Some people theorize that two other users, Littlenathanial and Leptosome are related to Bobby because of how all 3 of their building styles are very much alike.

Building examples:

Images, Screenshots and Videos

Nothing here yet.

If there is anything of interest you find in Bobby's inventory/games, save/screenshot/take a video of what you see, then add it here.

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