It all began last Sunday afternoon. I was on my laptop, looking for something to do. All of my friends were inactive on twitter, and wikia, so talking to my friends wasn't gonna get anywhere. Since all of my notifications were cleared up, I decided to past the time to play some Roblox.

When I got onto the sight, I noticed the usual orange announcement tag under an advertisement. The advertisement was about a new roblox testing website. Here's what it said:

"new roblox test site. debug."

Now, I sorta found this ad a bit weird. It was a little more sloppy, and lazier than usual ads. I started to think that roblox was hacked by someone. I decided to go on the blogs page to see if there was any more information about this announcement. I wasn't wrong. There was one new blog post about the testing site. Here is what the blog said:

"Hello, fellow robloxians!

We would like to announce a brand new testing website called, "Bloxsite"! This website will feature all kinds of stuff, such as infinite robux, builders club, and some brand new games for everyone to enjoy! This website is still in development, so there may be a few bugs with it, but hopefully you all won't mind them! The website will only be active for a few weeks, so hurry! Anyhow, please enjoy it, and have fun!


I sorta trusted that blog post, so I decided to give the testing site a chance, and went to the website.

The website was actually pretty interesting. The web page had the old 2013 look. I was already on my Roblox account, and I had infinite robux. I also noticed that Tix were back, and that I had TBC, as well. I went on the games page, and noticed a bunch of fun-looking games that I had never seen before. Some of them even looked like they were made in 2007 or so. I was just checking which game I wanted to play first, and eventually, I found a classic-looking fighting game. I decided to check it out.

The game was simply called, "Blox." It had a very large amount of visits. and ratings. I didn't bother reading the description, let alone read the comments, and just rushed into the game. Nothing could've prepared me for what I was going to see,

The game had the exact same style, and graphics from roblox games from 2006. From the leader boards, to the shades, and even the main menu were exactly like they used to be. I was actually really impressed at this point. The game was full of players, and each and everyone one of them were nice. There were no ODers, scammers, ragers, Bc jerks, or any bullies on the server. Everyone acted exactly how you would imagine the 2006 community would be like. The game worked out like how you would imagine it would work out; sword fighting. So naturally, I started fighting the other players. Everything was working out nicely; there were no arguments, trolls, or anything like that happening. However, after a few hours, the game was hacked, and was shut down.

Story's a WIP. Things are gonna change eventually. :P

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