I'm never touching Roblox again,not after what happened...

My name is Adam(Blocked for safety reasons) and i like to play Roblox.I like it because it was simple,it was really fun.Even though i need to buy items like Robux and BC for more hats and gear.

One day,i was scrolling on the Roblox front page untill someone told me on steam to play his game.The guy was not my friend and i don't even recognize his name or when i friended him.I said sure and clicked on the link.

I wish i did not clicked the damn link,i was stupid!

Anyways,the thumbnail of the game was happy and friendly and the name is "Happy Town Of BloxRo".The game itself has some descent ammount of people played the game and the comments were all good.Until,i played the game.The game was creepy to say the least,when you first spawned you will enter a city.It's not a normal city but it's full of blood and dead bodies,not hyperealistic but bodies from Roblox free models

I soon felt a whisper in my ear,but i shrugged.As i progressed the game,dead people start popping up and the normal animated ghost that walks infront of me did not scare me that much.But what did is a picture of me hanging on my tree house that my father made when i was a kid.

I was spooked.

This is a real deal,not just something funny or cliche

I then told him to unfriend me and go to sleep as it was already 10.00 P.M (My bedtime)

On the following day,i felt a pain on my chest.I went to inspect it and it was a carving that says the letter R on my chest.

To this day i did not even play that game anymore.

Sometiems,i get dreams of how i got the R mark on my chest.

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