Before we start, I want to say there may be some bad grammar and cliches. Sorry about that.

It was 10 AM, I normally wake up to play ROBLOX. When I turned on my computer, I was excited to play some awesome games, when I got on roblox I was going to play Survive the Natural Disasters. That morning strange things happened, I got a friend request from a guy named "help!" What the heck? You can't use exclamation marks in names... That was weird, so I swiftly declined. Worst mistake for the rest of my life... the skybox turned red, then pictures of  'help!' were everywhere. Everyone was freaked out and people started to leave because of this. Then "help!" said in the chat, "Why didn't you accept? Is there a problem?" Then I died randomly... After I respawned, I replied, "What happened?"

help!: You can't hide, you can't run :)

Me: WTF stop please!!

help!: You had to help me or i will kill you with my knife!!! ahahahahhahahahhaahahahahahahahhahahaaa Then game crashed and it took me to homepage but it was different blood on my friends and me. Then big, hyper realistic (cliché) writing popped up, saying: Why didn't you accept? Too late! Then my computer crashed when I turned it on, a message read: "Help me."

Then my computer started to freeze and glitch. Boo then like 60 malware files were found in my computer! Then black My computer died for minute then turned back on and there was terrible text: You have lost 23 friends, 7 to go!

Then dead just nothing has worked then I logged on my tablet when i clicked on my friends they were banned but then it took me to on of friends it was my nice with T shirt looking like split stomach and organs visible and face was bloody normal face, creator of face was 'Help!' Then I got the best message I have ever seen from help!, it said, "Your friends are banned and I'm coming for them, but you are just too sad to be killed so I'll keep you alone if you make yourself banned and never come back!"

I listened, my friends could be dead! I just started to type cursing words in chat, then... BOOM! Account terminated! Our devils have seen you are terrible player! Moderatte: Be happy you survived :) would u wish tppeal? Then too bad. Then it crashed and everything was normal again..

Part 2 Help's return

Hello you may know me i wrote part 1 of this story but something happened help! is back

I made new account when my first one attacked by help guy was terminated. I was enjoying doing everything again and i totally forget about that horror my new me was totally awesome i had way more friends and followers then before it was just perfect. But on 5/15/2016 something happened, something that was terrible. Message from Help: SUBJECT: 'Can't wait' MESSAGE: 'hello my old buddy i was enjoying playing awesome games with you like kill all friends and more :) i can't wait for getting full pockets of fruits with you. with love your help :)' Oh fuck i said to myself. I then replied: WTF i thought you stopped! You bastard! Then he replied after only 9 seconds: You are rude but i will forgive you for now :)

After week nothing happened

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