This happened about 3 years ago. I had an experience.

A weird and terrifying one at that.

When 'IT' Happened...

I was playing a zombie game, which was created by 'jaredvaldez4'. I was about an hour in, having fun destroying zombies in my way. A few minutes later, a player joined, and his name was "DemonSpirit". I found it a little creepy in his name, and continued on killing. When I saw other zombies attacking him, his health didn't go down or anything.. I saw someone in the chat, I think his name was SonicisCool19 and he said "Uhm, I think there might be a hacker. I don't want to get hacked," and left.

Multiple players chatted 'ha ha' or 'lol' in the chat because they agreed with that player about the name. DemonSpirit said in the chat "I can tolerate it, but something bad will happen to you. Do you want the repercussion to be bad?". The players didn't believe him, and they continued on killing zombies in their way, hacking and slashing. Then, as quick as a wink, the zombies and buildings were removed. There was only a grey, great big block that everyone was standing on. I was freaking out, and so were all of the other players. All of a sudden, all the players except me turned red. Then, they all suddenly got black wings[1] and the winged monster hat.

The grey piece turned red, fire suddenly started sprouting on the brick in different places, from what I remember it sort of looked like hell. Corpses were everywhere on the ground, with blood. Even though everyone was still 'alive' and in the same server together, we thought we could leave.

Everyone tried to leave, but when they tried they disappeared one by one...

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