One day Me, and a few other players, AlbusJPotter, Dlerafox, Masteroftycoon1, and iheartflappybirds were doing a Harry Potter RP in Kingdom Life 2.0. Albus and Master were nice. but I locked myself in the dungeon. I screamed, and a black, dead version of Dlerafox and it said: "THEREISNOECAPE." She then dissapeared, and left the game.

Later at night, Flappy, Master, Albus and I were playing Fox craft, in honor of Dlera, who had died and broke her computer. I had flown under the map, thanks to admin, and saw Master's face. Expensive brown hair and a cheap face. He said "HELPUS." And left the game.

The next day YeloTickx joined us and we were playing nyan cat world. Albus left due to 'A family member's death.' But he never talked again. I started playing 'draw it!' and Flappy drew my face, and I was dead.

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