• KoolKidz112ver2


    July 23, 2017 by KoolKidz112ver2



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  • BakiAlternative


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  • Catttsss55

    (This is my first story so it won't be that good :D)

    7/26/17I was playing some Phantom Forces on roblox for a few minutes because I was bored. I join the game and it is just normal like always, I deploy my character and I started sniping some people. I walked into one of the rooms and I was shot. The person that killed me said, "haha, got nother nub." In some really bad grammar. I replied back "Ugh, stupid campers." He just said "no nub you!' Then left. 7/27/17The next day I encountered another camper, but he was not the same as the other one. His face looked torn and cut into a smile. He said "Don't worry you're not next..." And just jumped out the window that was in the room. I shrugged it off and thought that it was a hacker trying to sca…

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  • Guest Infinite


    July 23, 2017 by Guest Infinite
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  • LittleCavaron

    This contains abusive language, continue at risk.

    Do not say "NOT TRUE", because I already stated it isn't.

    Ah, New Year's day! I thought to myself. I was going to go play roblox!

    I walk into my house

    "I'll edit somefurniture" I thoght to myself

    while I was editing a guy spawned behind me.

    He was saying "Hi, CoolMacAndCheese" (not my real username), as if he were in MeepCity.

    I said "Hi"

    Then he private messaged me

    Hacker: Hi Me: Hi Hacker: Follow me Me: Sure why not, I have free time Hacker: I know you do. Me: Ok?... Hacker: Logout=CoolMacAndCheese:[true]:comment_LEAVE_ROBLOX_NOW_! I thought he was falling for Robuxian or RobuxManiac's tricks! I couldn't let him get banned! Me: Don't listen to them! Their robux hacks aren't real! Hacker: Logout=10…

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  • LuckySophie07-Roblox

    Hi guys! I might be making a creepy pasta soon. Its not gonna be real probably but yous might like it. I hope yous will. I will make it about going on ROBLOX and the effecst that will happen in my story!


    Friend me on LuckySophie07 on Roblox.

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  • Kkarol052008

    1x1x1x1 changed his avatar from green to red

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  • Nickbtv
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  • StrikingThemBillionz

    Sorry for the mistake in the title. (7 but was supposed to be 699)

    About the 699.

    The 699 is a Non-fictional ROBLOXIAN or should I say DEMON. Yes. It's a real demon. The 699 was made to hunt down people and lure them to their death. This evil spirit may show you the future, but will send you to either Heaven or Hell. You might not want to experience that. The 699 origins started in early December of 2006. It's first victim was called Eric. But Eric wasn't the only victim. In 2015, The evil within has risen again but renamed, NuLL just to be in disguise. 699's main words are, Blood, blood, suicide. 119 has been killed because of this evil demon. If you see someone say "Blood, blood suicide", leave your game IMMEDIATELY. 

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  • IDargoI

    Mr. Nobody

    July 20, 2017 by IDargoI

    I been playing roblox for over 2 years and i've seen scary stuff but this is one of the most scarest things i've ever seen

    Starting off on the day of 4/12/17 i was just playing any normal game i could find, i stubbed on a game call "The Streets note it was a very popular game" I was just minding my own buzz when i saw of the corner of my eye a friend request i just ignored it thinking it was a random person i really didn't have a chance to look at the name but i really didn't care, After i was done playing that game i went to the "Friends" tab on roblox and declined his friend request.

    The next day in the after noon i went back on roblox to see if there was anything new or something,i saw a message saying "Why did you declined it..." At this…

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  • TheCreepyPotato666

    THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG! So far I have been on ROBLOX this and Undertale YouTube vids... I have a boring life well... *dabs* I just dabbed so IM BETTER NOW

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  • DemonicRiddle


    July 19, 2017 by DemonicRiddle




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  • Creepy Crawley s

    Creepy Crawley

    July 19, 2017 by Creepy Crawley s
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  • Oldrobloxian10

    Like now, I'm active somedays and I can't be here forever.... You know, deaths and some works...

    E N D

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  • Cr33pypastafansofgoodness

    Hello. I am sure all of you know about "The Normal Elevator" But Can you all be sure it is all "Normal"? Well here is the truth about the "Normal Elevator" If you guys do not know there is a badge called "Spooked" . It is very rare to get. We wonder why it is not a room. Here is a video on what happen's. SecretldenTT footage (not mine).

    SecretEric: Man. It's been days.

    Dupale: Um Saggy im not making ANY MONEY TODAY!

    SecretEric: Oh man. you logan.

    Dupale: Squiddy says hello.

    Dupale: Woah

    SecretEric: WOAH! What's goning on?

    Dupale: Was it a glitch?

    SecretEric: It's weird.

    Dupale: Somethings happening here!

    SecretEric: It's weird. Guys?


    Dupale: what.

    SecretEric: Uh

    Dupale Who scared it?

    We all do not kn…

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  • Butta34

    read the title dumbass

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  • Cr33pypastafansofgoodness

    I remeber ROBLOX when i was a kid. But i don't play ROBLOX. I nevered played a ROBLOX horror game before.  When i got to google i found a ROBLOX knock_off. It was called DoddleBLOX! I played it. It looked like ROBLOX but doddle. But then it became so sinister with crazy person. He strangel me with a knife. I became insane of th year. on 2013 September (9) 11 3:00 AM....



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  • Cr33pypastafansofgoodness

    Immortaity. The monster that will take every single account. Even if you did not find him. He will FIND YOU FIRST. HE WILL KILL ALL OF US. HE I OUR WORST NIGHTMARE. HIS SMILE HIDES ALL OF THE PAIN. HIS EYE'S IS WHERE THE TRUE HELL IS. No escape... There's no escape now, let's be friends and you will be ONE OF OUS. If you try escape the sites of hell. He will final the punishment of death. You're not gonna happen to you. After allI  it's disrespectfull to talk about someone who is lisineing. ETERNAL Y O U  W I L L  S E E  W H O  I S  T H E  R E A L  M O N S T E R  I S . . .   Lots of brids blox of all of the blood.     HORNS FROM HELL COMING THROUGH

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  • Cr33pypastafansofgoodness

    I was playing my favorite game on ROBLOX! it was Murder Mystery 2. And then someone message me. His name was Slickrake! He said " PLAY MY GAME PLEASE OR I WILL KILL YOU!" I fault it was just a spam message to scare me. But I want to play it! So I play it. There was nothing but a static and red eyes said something! "SO MY FRIEND YOUR MY VICTIM SO DIE" But I want to. And it cut to black to me rested hanged! I got kicked out of the game.


    Im the worst perosn! But every time i played a game. A Headless Horsemen was there! He's a maniac! I was banned.


    He was finally in hell.

    We got banned and kicked with the corpes of got kicked!

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  • Foxyispecile


    June 23, 2017 by Foxyispecile


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  • Randomnoob48888

    i am a huge fan of........did you think i was gonna say roblox? no i am a huge fan of i just play roblox 23/7 while eating mcdonalds because i am bored. so one day i found  this creepy roblox game it had obvious signs that i shouldn't play and the texts say don't play but i ignored it because i'm super curious and smart so i played it bigest mistake of my life i got in a creepy game and suddenly the killer clams attacks me i was so scared i hid in a free model tent and then the killer clams attacked me

    now after im done playing the killer clams followed me across roblox and then they were at the point of staring at my screen, before one giant killer clam slowly came out of my computer screen you know like that movie the ring…

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  • FallenAGKvideos

    I mean like is it good or not?

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  • Google.exe


    June 10, 2017 by Google.exe

    June 10th I was just hanging out on my world for no reason at all when this player came on. His character was completely white with the basic player face on his torso, as well the head. I avoided him for a while, but he just stood there. I finally decided to say hi. After I nervously said that in the chat, he (assuming they're a he) started spitting swedish into the chat. He said thing she like 'Var försiktig' and 'Kommer fortfarande'. Thanks to Google translate I know its 'Stay Safe' and 'Still Coming'. No idea what that means, but it could just be a weirdo trying to scare me. This went on for a while till I left. He then sent me a message saying 'been warned' in Swedish, like everything else he's said. I then went and played other games…

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  • Randomnoob48888

    I have returned to this wiki for the 5th time, after quitting 5 times. Now let's see how long before I quit 6 times.

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  • Turkcreeper06

    I login to roblox...

    And Then I Seed An Hacker Hacked Me!

    I Quickly Get It Back And Then See This..​

    I Joined It And Seed Dead Guests And A Dead Noob...


    Made By Turkcreeper06

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  • HiggledyPig

    For those who didn't know who are Caroline and Clinten, here's an information about them.

    They are two old roblox users who became a myth after having a connection to other myths like: Caroline being connected to Zeltrek while Clinten being connected to Noli and MartinCult and both considered siblings. They didn't talk, chat or utter a single word as they were assigned by Noli to asist but they're quite isolated and the result of not communicating to others. Rumors said that they were both asked by Noli (Or themselves) to create their place on how they feel inside. Soon, the places were used to know what is Noli's plan. You can still visit their places as they were not been banned or removed, it's up to you. Their places are quite creepy an…

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  • G&S Creepypasta
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  • Alexandra Fedorova

    one day i was playing marble blast tbh

    then weatcherwonders gave me AVTUVGFUSG and Esruognihsarc

    i clicked play on esruognihsarc

    then it plays horror music and it loocks like an tech hell

    then i touched the black X with a circle screwed up

    and it launches me to out of bounds

    i was already playing, and i found a tunnel

    where i dont need to jump

    and i lost

    then i played avtuvfusg

    it looks like broken torture

    then i entered the giant bean bag

    it said: GOODBYE HPERKS - and then i was scared. Totally because hPerks died when viewing this level.

    and i exit this lvl


    thx for reading - i luv marble blast and it's better than roblox but hard XD -- Moved to blog since Alexandra Fedorova 👤 🔊 📝 📗 09:57, May 4, 2017 (UT…

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  • March18thefake

    Removed Tix

    May 2, 2017 by March18thefake

    After they removed TIX there are more scams in ROBLOX removing TIX ruined ROBLOX becuase people now create make fake game passes to get robux if there was still TIX people would trade it for robux Scammers maybe used to be not scammers but after they removed tix there are more scams in roblox like ROBLOX Robux Generaters that dont give you robux instead its give you virus

    Who agree with me ROBLOX should not have removed TIX

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  • Maghster

    my stuff

    April 22, 2017 by Maghster

    so what do you think of what i made???

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  • CreepyReviewer

    So...It's true that im creepypasta reviewer for now...but im not sure should i write some or not, if i get supports i may do it soon...tell me how do you think in the comment box.

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  • Blam Guy


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  • Blam Guy


    April 5, 2017 by Blam Guy

    Hi c:

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  • TehGold23


    April 3, 2017 by TehGold23

    why i did even do that lol 

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  • TehGold23


    April 3, 2017 by TehGold23

    Well, if you wanna hate me for disliking some creepypasta (that i didnt dislike, i did make opinion)

    Then, see two times my comment and THEN say for what you hate/dislike me.

    Because it's happened one time and for me (weirdly) that even i did this blog because of that "fandom user's hate" I even dont care about it.

    But i wanted just say you, that better ignore/reply with defense than raging/crying because of it. It's your opinion, Not his.


    (also for fandom user that said i hate 404'd, i didn't. It's my opinion and that if i post there (wait his did post that i hate that even if posted there 10/10 for originality *i was new then*) so you did said that i hate for no reaso…

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  • MckaylaPlayz

    John and Jane doe

    March 23, 2017 by MckaylaPlayz

    Have you heard of John and Jane doe? Do you know there story? Well this is the story of John and Jane doe.

    John and Jane we're humans. They met in a chat room. They met each other and got closer and closer as friends. Jane came up with the idea of making a game. Then the two together made a game called Roblox. Back when they made it, it was called DoeBlock. They made the two accounts John Doe and Jane Doe. The reason this is so important is because they made the accounts at the same time.
    John and Jane were not very interested in the game because all they could do was decorate there characters. One day when John went on the game he saw a game on the game page. The game was named "DONT JION". John called Jane. Jane answered the ph… Read more >
  • Creepyjokes2000

    Not for this wiki, but really you should help out this wiki

    I mean for you guys to help this wiki I made

    OK I'm done

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  • Stardreambunny

    Last night I had a dream about Guest66 and Guest1avi this is what happened in my dream. I was sitting in my room playing roblox on my computer when I come across Guest1avi place called Happy.Place1avi. I log into the game and when I first entered the game It was like I was in a big endless white room but then after two hours of walking around I finely found a hidden door. And when I went through the door I saw Guest1avi and then behind him I saw a black rectangle with two lit torches one standing on the left and other one on the right. I tried walking through the rectangle and it worked when I walked down the hall way I saw 4 guests two standing on the left and two on the right near the end of the hall way. And they were smiling and crying…

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  • Glitchy Mario

    The creepy thing

    March 17, 2017 by Glitchy Mario

    There was a thing.It was so creepy that everyone died.It starts to scare people using hacks. Beware of it.

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  • MeliZMika

    John Doe And Jane Doe An Original Story By MeliZMika

    When Roblox Had A Small Community They Created Test Accounts Called John Doe And Jane Doe.The First Player Was Alone In A Game So John And Jane Joined And Greeted The Player...A Couple Years Later Roblox Staff Decided They Didn't Need The Test Accounts The Staff Owned...As Soon As They Tried To Log Into The Test Accounted They Were Locked Out A Hacker Were In The Test Accounts...Theory By MeliZMika ---> why Did John And Jane Doe Logged Out At The Same Time,Day,Hour,Minute,And Second? Answer MeliZMika Answers ---> The Staff Logged Them Out At The Same Time

    MeliZMika Solved The Mystery About John And Jane Doe!

    Questions Asked And Answered By MeliZMika

    When Will John And Jane Doe Be A Sighting …

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  • MeliZMika


    March 13, 2017 by MeliZMika

    Hi My Name Is Meli,Mika,Or Rika...This Is A Story Of A Young Child At The Age Of 10 He Started Roblox He Posted Forms With Bad Words And Spams...A Couple Years Later Still Doing Thoose Things A Roblox Moderator Noticed Him His User Was Alexk He Messaged Him"Stop Or Else You'll Go To Banland" The Spammer Child Messaged Him Back "Then give Meh Proof" Alex The Moderator Messaged Back With A Download Of Banland(Roblox Download) After That Spammer Kid Loaded His Files And Put In The Screen He Opened Banland And Saw Heads Hanging On The Celine Going Down By The Walls...The Spammer Kid Noticed Writings On Ther Face It Was There User Names And There Were Banned From Roblox He Got A Jumpscare And Ran Out Of The Office...5 Days Later He Saw His Moni…

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  • Randomnoob48888

    So, I'm sure some of you know how to fix this, but for those who don't, this should hopefully help.

    Step 1. Get to the image media page.

    Step 2. Go on edit, then push replace.

    Step 3. Replace it with anything.

    If somebody uses this to ruin photos, just go to history, and revert it.

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  • Xjay443

    My buddy PallidumMorty Say Something to me and he say to never......

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  • Heyo the entbrat


    February 28, 2017 by Heyo the entbrat

    I thought the sexual part of brick bronze burnt alive was wrote by a troll!

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  • Blazem1234

    Okay so, this explains trollpastas |


    Make easy Trollpastas

     Take 3-5 mins per Trollpasta
    Make good creepypastas | Take 30 mins - 3 hours a day. Usally a week.       

    This table shows that Non-trollpastas are way better. 

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  • Randomnoob48888

    so i was pleying a gaem on rublocks one time i wuz pleying sooper badly then i pleyed a peeceful geme i liked it so muchs i pleyeded it more den i pleyed it agin and wanna no wat happened

    there wuz blood evrywere and the game new my real name and evrything about me...

    but that wuz just a glitch so i contunued and den i seed a shadow ding den i flung owt ov de map it wuz soopah skery den de bleck sheedwo kiled me ovar awnd ovur egin wigth admen cumonads den i died ovur end ovur egin

    dat coldent be a gletch it wuz sukper skery plz hel p em it come owt ov mi compoter awnd im hideing in me closut rite now it comeing clouser plz sav me plz help

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  • RetroTanker

    Blog thing!

    January 13, 2017 by RetroTanker

    Yeah, i just figured for this blog thingie, so i called it blog thing!


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  • NascarFan978


    December 31, 2016 by NascarFan978

    I was gone not long enough, then i come back and some pages get vandalised, what the hell is happening?

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  • 20DollarPeanut

    read title

    also im not making anymore stories now gg no re

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