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  • Turkcreeper06

    I login to roblox...

    And Then I Seed An Hacker Hacked Me!

    I Quickly Get It Back And Then See This..​

    I Joined It And Seed Dead Guests And A Dead Noob...


    Made By Turkcreeper06

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  • HiggledyPig

    For those who didn't know who are Caroline and Clinten, here's an information about them.

    They are two old roblox users who became a myth after having a connection to other myths like: Caroline being connected to Zeltrek while Clinten being connected to Noli and MartinCult and both considered siblings. They didn't talk, chat or utter a single word as they were assigned by Noli to asist but they're quite isolated and the result of not communicating to others. Rumors said that they were both asked by Noli (Or themselves) to create their place on how they feel inside. Soon, the places were used to know what is Noli's plan. You can still visit their places as they were not been banned or removed, it's up to you. Their places are quite creepy an…

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  • G&S Creepypasta
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  • Alexandra Fedorova

    one day i was playing marble blast tbh

    then weatcherwonders gave me AVTUVGFUSG and Esruognihsarc

    i clicked play on esruognihsarc

    then it plays horror music and it loocks like an tech hell

    then i touched the black X with a circle screwed up

    and it launches me to out of bounds

    i was already playing, and i found a tunnel

    where i dont need to jump

    and i lost

    then i played avtuvfusg

    it looks like broken torture

    then i entered the giant bean bag

    it said: GOODBYE HPERKS - and then i was scared. Totally because hPerks died when viewing this level.

    and i exit this lvl


    thx for reading - i luv marble blast and it's better than roblox but hard XD -- Moved to blog since Alexandra Fedorova 👤 🔊 📝 📗 09:57, May 4, 2017 (UT…

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  • March18thefake

    Removed Tix

    May 2, 2017 by March18thefake

    After they removed TIX there are more scams in ROBLOX removing TIX ruined ROBLOX becuase people now create make fake game passes to get robux if there was still TIX people would trade it for robux Scammers maybe used to be not scammers but after they removed tix there are more scams in roblox like ROBLOX Robux Generaters that dont give you robux instead its give you virus

    Who agree with me ROBLOX should not have removed TIX

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  • Maghster

    my stuff

    April 22, 2017 by Maghster

    so what do you think of what i made???

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  • CreepyReviewer

    So...It's true that im creepypasta reviewer for now...but im not sure should i write some or not, if i get supports i may do it soon...tell me how do you think in the comment box.

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  • Blam Guy


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  • Blam Guy


    April 5, 2017 by Blam Guy

    Hi c:

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  • TehGold23


    April 3, 2017 by TehGold23

    why i did even do that lol 

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  • TehGold23


    April 3, 2017 by TehGold23

    Well, if you wanna hate me for disliking some creepypasta (that i didnt dislike, i did make opinion)

    Then, see two times my comment and THEN say for what you hate/dislike me.

    Because it's happened one time and for me (weirdly) that even i did this blog because of that "fandom user's hate" I even dont care about it.

    But i wanted just say you, that better ignore/reply with defense than raging/crying because of it. It's your opinion, Not his.


    (also for fandom user that said i hate 404'd, i didn't. It's my opinion and that if i post there (wait his did post that i hate that even if posted there 10/10 for originality *i was new then*) so you did said that i hate for no reaso…

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  • MckaylaPlayz

    John and Jane doe

    March 23, 2017 by MckaylaPlayz

    Have you heard of John and Jane doe? Do you know there story? Well this is the story of John and Jane doe.

    John and Jane we're humans. They met in a chat room. They met each other and got closer and closer as friends. Jane came up with the idea of making a game. Then the two together made a game called Roblox. Back when they made it, it was called DoeBlock. They made the two accounts John Doe and Jane Doe. The reason this is so important is because they made the accounts at the same time.
    John and Jane were not very interested in the game because all they could do was decorate there characters. One day when John went on the game he saw a game on the game page. The game was named "DONT JION". John called Jane. Jane answered the ph… Read more >
  • Creepyjokes2000

    Not for this wiki, but really you should help out this wiki

    I mean for you guys to help this wiki I made

    OK I'm done

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  • Stardreambunny

    Last night I had a dream about Guest66 and Guest1avi this is what happened in my dream. I was sitting in my room playing roblox on my computer when I come across Guest1avi place called Happy.Place1avi. I log into the game and when I first entered the game It was like I was in a big endless white room but then after two hours of walking around I finely found a hidden door. And when I went through the door I saw Guest1avi and then behind him I saw a black rectangle with two lit torches one standing on the left and other one on the right. I tried walking through the rectangle and it worked when I walked down the hall way I saw 4 guests two standing on the left and two on the right near the end of the hall way. And they were smiling and crying…

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  • Glitchy Mario

    The creepy thing

    March 17, 2017 by Glitchy Mario

    There was a thing.It was so creepy that everyone died.It starts to scare people using hacks. Beware of it.

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  • MeliZMika

    John Doe And Jane Doe An Original Story By MeliZMika

    When Roblox Had A Small Community They Created Test Accounts Called John Doe And Jane Doe.The First Player Was Alone In A Game So John And Jane Joined And Greeted The Player...A Couple Years Later Roblox Staff Decided They Didn't Need The Test Accounts The Staff Owned...As Soon As They Tried To Log Into The Test Accounted They Were Locked Out A Hacker Were In The Test Accounts...Theory By MeliZMika ---> why Did John And Jane Doe Logged Out At The Same Time,Day,Hour,Minute,And Second? Answer MeliZMika Answers ---> The Staff Logged Them Out At The Same Time

    MeliZMika Solved The Mystery About John And Jane Doe!

    Questions Asked And Answered By MeliZMika

    When Will John And Jane Doe Be A Sighting …

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  • MeliZMika


    March 13, 2017 by MeliZMika

    Hi My Name Is Meli,Mika,Or Rika...This Is A Story Of A Young Child At The Age Of 10 He Started Roblox He Posted Forms With Bad Words And Spams...A Couple Years Later Still Doing Thoose Things A Roblox Moderator Noticed Him His User Was Alexk He Messaged Him"Stop Or Else You'll Go To Banland" The Spammer Child Messaged Him Back "Then give Meh Proof" Alex The Moderator Messaged Back With A Download Of Banland(Roblox Download) After That Spammer Kid Loaded His Files And Put In The Screen He Opened Banland And Saw Heads Hanging On The Celine Going Down By The Walls...The Spammer Kid Noticed Writings On Ther Face It Was There User Names And There Were Banned From Roblox He Got A Jumpscare And Ran Out Of The Office...5 Days Later He Saw His Moni…

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  • Randomnoob48888

    So, I'm sure some of you know how to fix this, but for those who don't, this should hopefully help.

    Step 1. Get to the image media page.

    Step 2. Go on edit, then push replace.

    Step 3. Replace it with anything.

    If somebody uses this to ruin photos, just go to history, and revert it.

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  • Xjay443

    My buddy PallidumMorty Say Something to me and he say to never......

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  • Heyo the entbrat


    February 28, 2017 by Heyo the entbrat

    I thought the sexual part of brick bronze burnt alive was wrote by a troll!

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  • Blazem1234

    Okay so, this explains trollpastas |


    Make easy Trollpastas

     Take 3-5 mins per Trollpasta
    Make good creepypastas | Take 30 mins - 3 hours a day. Usally a week.       

    This table shows that Non-trollpastas are way better. 

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  • Randomnoob48888

    so i was pleying a gaem on rublocks one time i wuz pleying sooper badly then i pleyed a peeceful geme i liked it so muchs i pleyeded it more den i pleyed it agin and wanna no wat happened

    there wuz blood evrywere and the game new my real name and evrything about me...

    but that wuz just a glitch so i contunued and den i seed a shadow ding den i flung owt ov de map it wuz soopah skery den de bleck sheedwo kiled me ovar awnd ovur egin wigth admen cumonads den i died ovur end ovur egin

    dat coldent be a gletch it wuz sukper skery plz hel p em it come owt ov mi compoter awnd im hideing in me closut rite now it comeing clouser plz sav me plz help

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  • RetroTanker

    Blog thing!

    January 13, 2017 by RetroTanker

    Yeah, i just figured for this blog thingie, so i called it blog thing!


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  • NascarFan978


    December 31, 2016 by NascarFan978

    I was gone not long enough, then i come back and some pages get vandalised, what the hell is happening?

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  • 20DollarPeanut

    read title

    also im not making anymore stories now gg no re

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  • Razi108

    It seems that every fourth day someone comes and vandalizes a creepypasta, I started already doing a "Daily Check", does anyone knows why?

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  • Randomnoob48888


    December 12, 2016 by Randomnoob48888

    I'm leaving ROBLOX. This also means I'm gonna stop writing here soon. After Beautiful Yet Deadly and my other creepypasta I'm writing, I'm gonna go.

    Why I'm Leaving ROBLOX:

    I don't know if I'm just getting too old for the childish stuff on ROBLOX, or if ROBLOX has been going downhill lately. I remembered ROBLOX being like a game that was really for kids and teens. Being funny, kid friendly, and a very humorous community. Those were the days. Now, it really seems like a stock market for children.

    Though, I could just be aging too much, to the point where I'm wearing nostalgia goggles without realizing how bad the old days could've been. I really don't know. When two more creepypastas are done being written, I'm saying goodbye to this wiki, and…

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  • Razi108

    To All Vandalizers

    November 28, 2016 by Razi108

    It's pointless, we can see your IP AND revert back, it's a waste of your own time

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  • Manoslol

    Blog for badge

    October 5, 2016 by Manoslol


    So this post is gonna be erased lined post HEHEHEH

    i dunno how to add an image but anyway


    So lets say

    I was playing roblox,this dialouge happened



    :wanna be friends

    :noob lol

    :what?i got 1000 robux cmon,i got obc and everything!


    :what?(Gets ip banned and creepy faces everywhere)

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  • 20DollarPeanut

    69 EDITS!

    September 28, 2016 by 20DollarPeanut
    achieved this goal like a few days ago lmao Read more >
  • MsFraidyCat

    Hello, it's Fraidy. If you can't remember me, I wrote my first story and first hit story called Stolen. Anyways, I just thought the people who are actually following my activity should know why i've been off and on, back and gone. Anyways, I have been super busy, as I recently joined the hell called highschool. that's not what matters, though. What does matter is this.


    What might that mean? I will be releasing stories as frequently as possible until Halloween comes to a end. I will start with a story called Awake, followed by many others.

    What happens after Halloween? I'll be stressing over a thousand tests and finals, but that's not your problem, it's mine. Anyways, i'll be trying …

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  • Trtrtrtrtrt5555

    History Woman

    September 21, 2016 by Trtrtrtrtrt5555
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  • Shadowmaster526

    If you guys give me ideas for my creepypasta, (which is REALLY popular, thanks!) I might be updating it more often and bigger updates. This blog post will show the ideas I will use. Please make it similar to how the story is already going.

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  • XoGrizzlyGirlxo

    Backwards text

    August 17, 2016 by XoGrizzlyGirlxo

    Happy birthday Shadow

    Backwards is the way to go. Honey this will make sense soon. So... Please make this last... I see that you will never look at this Ok... Beware Ubo................

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  • DeathstrikeWIKIAMKX

    It was a normal day,I decide to play Roblox.One of the game in the popular section caught my attention.The Game is called "Survive the most horrific thing in the universe".So I tough "Why dont give it a try?" as I love horror and survival games.

    1. Wave 1
    The game have 5 waves in which every wave will

    get harder and harder.The wave one doesnt actually horrific as it just a noob being cut into pieces.

    1. Wave 2:Nightmare started
    The next wave will be located in an abonded(Please correct this) house.This is the start of the nightmare.The wave show us some gruesome picture of kids being killed.
    1. Wave 3:Things start to become more brutal...
    Wave 3 is...kinda related to creepypasta as we could see some of the popular creepypasta image.But one of the image … Read more >
  • MsFraidyCat

    Where i've been

    July 17, 2016 by MsFraidyCat

    It's MsFraidyCat here, and I have been gone for a few months without an explanation, and I am sorry for that. Anyways, I moved into a new town and I haven't had much time to write pastas. I lacked inspiration for a few weeks, so I decided not to write until I got over this small amount of writer's block. I wrote a new story though, it's called Disappearing. Hopefully you are able to read and enjoy it! 

    Anyways, that's about it. Hope you enjoy my new pasta and I will see you all in the next pasta!

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    June 19, 2016 by EPIKGAMERMAN
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  • DavidCreepYou

    Today ill be joining this website to create ROBLOX creepypastas with better grammar than someone else is story, and making the story sound a little real though.

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  • TheWither300

    There was a new roblox player, he started to play Stop It Slender game. While he was playing it, he felt a chill going up in his spine. He said"Something does not seem right, i have been playing this game for one hour." Then there was red crimson looking eyes, looking at him in the game. It said"Your next" and that was it for a minute. Then when the next round happen every one was gone and the timer was set to endless. The new roblox player said"Weres every one, and way is the timer not going down?" Then a player came in but his name was not in the player list. The new one thinks it was a hacker doing it. "I am going to report you hacker" said the new roblox player. When he was going to report him his name was not on the list, so he left t…

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  • ChristianChamp

    July 2, 2015: Finally! Summer vacation! Now that I'm off of school, I don't have to worry about classes and exams anymore. My family and I are heading to the airport to catch the plane. The flight is at 11:45am, so we all had to wake up early. Now we're finally at the airport to go to San Fransisco! I can't wait!

    July 2, 2015 (9:57am): Ugh, waiting in line for check-in is soo boring. I wish we could just skip this part, and head on to security. Wait, no! Security is even worse then check-in! The long lines make me just want to faint while standing there. I just can't wait till we get to the waiting area, where we get to stay there by the window and watch planes takeoff.

    July 2, 2015 (10:13am): Great, we're done with check-in, but now we have…

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  • ZexalDiamond

    OVO Tango

    June 5, 2016 by ZexalDiamond

    OVOTango has been roblox's friend for a few days and was removed.

    His description is "A legend never dies, respect me kiddo."
    The account is rumored to be owned by txngo Read more >
  • VileTori

    A Advice

    February 17, 2016 by VileTori

    A quick advice to everyone, as many of you already know this wiki will NOT shutdown, even the current admin says so, i don't know how some of you guys didn't know yet, everyone is spamming something like "teh wikez gon shutownz" it's get really annoying as i saw, but seriously the wiki will not shutdown... 

    ... what if it shutdowns then? when i'm going to post my creepypastas D:

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  • DaisyPeachPower

    We are back!

    February 16, 2016 by DaisyPeachPower

    After a long struggle of staying active we've come to a happy conclusion.  The wiki will not be shutdown but instead it is now relaunched. Pastas are allowed to be posted but with the same regulations! DaisyPeachPower will be the main admin for a while. If you have any questions or concerns contact DaisyPeachPower. Other than that post pastas and keep active!

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  • Ghost84300

    Ghost 666

    February 3, 2016 by Ghost84300

    GHOST 666

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  • Ghost84300


    January 30, 2016 by Ghost84300

    3xpr0g [FR]


    Bonjour on va parlé d'un Player sous le nom de 3xpr0g c'est un joueur au skin satanist avec un chapeau de marin et parfois il peut effreyé c'est victime avec des exploits.Il la aussi crée une Game nommé "Go in a Prison and Die" le lien: lien de son profile: 3xpr0g il a plutôt un look d'un membre de MUGEN est si vous voyer dans "About" puis sur "Read More" vous pourez constater que il y a une horloge 666,les éguilles pointe deux mots (iEvee et Dead) sa ve dire iEvee et mort mais je vous préviens si vous le rencontrer ou il vous laisse ou il vous effrera et vous en menrai dans sa Prison.3xpr0g a un jeu plutôt biza…

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  • Outrun1986rblx


    January 30, 2016 by Outrun1986rblx

    Write your blog post here.

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  • QuintJaws

    The Wiki might be closed...

    December 19, 2015 by QuintJaws

    But I'll not go down without a fight. I shall remain here. I will go down with it.

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  • Airflow2015


    December 19, 2015 by Airflow2015

    This Is My First Blog Post: So Guys I Wan't To Say That I Wanted Everyone To Stay Cool. And Swag :P And Today Guys I Was Gonna Do The Top 10 List Of The Famous Story's. I Had Herd. It's Pretty Swell: Lolol Stay Cool. :)

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  • Agentpman1

    So uh......

    December 7, 2015 by Agentpman1

    Is the wiki going to shut down or....?

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  • ZexalDiamond

    I recently had a dream involving roblox (Which I rarely even have) Had a lady who possesed me in a roblox RPG. She said "Remember Hampton?" I replied "Yes." She let me free while everyone was panicking saying Oh no, Dont get me next and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!. The first time I heard of hampton, was in 2013, I went to bed one weekend and saw Myself possesed, the lady reffered to herself as hampton, and whenever she posseses you you become two cube heads (Kind of like Kogama) and legs from Kogama. In that dream I was alone. Other than my last dream. I got curious and searched up hampton in roblox. I saw a normal character. After that I gave up. Any Dreams about the person?

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