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what happens when you go in the code you find dark things roblox was a game i liked but well.. heres the story - it was a normal day on roblox playing my fav games when some one joined his name was Black Roblox wha spaces you cant have that anymore he said

Black Roblox: dont go in the code you might see something to dont like

The Games shuts down

like an idiot i looked in the code i stall a bloody dead Gorey dead Roblox Guest it look so real whats happing whys this here later That day Every time i die Black Blood coming out my Robloxian When He Joined Every one was like 'STOP YOU SAID YOUD STOP' 'WHAT DID I DO TO YOU' 'LEAVE FLPPING HES COMING' i didnt know what to do He came at me I heared A lound scream the it said

You're Life Was Shut Down

Me And my Friend Where Chating

AwesomeBoy: So what do you want to do

Me: I I i don't Know

AB: what's wrong

Me: Something been Happening

AB:what is it

Me: This guy Black Roblox was be Watchig me Following me Idk what to do Every where I go he's There

AB: He's Haunt Me To

Me: WHAT?!??!!?

AB: Go To a game hes The Link

Me: Ok

i Click on the Link


He was There He Said Look In me Numbers Every where

My Friend Sent me A '6221

i said it in Chat He Left Its Over

The End?

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