Who is BlackHat69x69?

BlackHat69x69 is a Hacker who, back in 2006, hacked ROBLOX. BlackHat69x69 is a friend of the "1x1x1x1". BlackHat69x69 was known as the worst hacker before 1x1x1x1. This hacker was known for hacking the accounts of others, editing they're own games, and adding foul and scary content to games. BlackHat69x69 got his name due to the way he has been hacking, Hacking in such a way he nearly completely changed ROBLOX.


It all started back in 2006, Shedletsky put a test account, this test account was tested back and forth back in those days. After they where done with it, they just left the account alone. After a while, an unknown hacker stole the account, changing the name to BlackHat69x69. This hacker hacked ROBLOX day and night. This hacker, as you already heard, nearly completely changed ROBLOX, this hacker litterally almost turned ROBLOX into a website that was dedicated and full with foul/scary content. This hacker was so sneaky. One day Shedletsky found out, and banned the test account. According to this story, BlackHat69x69 will (or he might have.) come back, but this time worse than before. He was so sneaky that only 1 photo of him was taken. (As seen below). And his name invisible in the lobby.



This is the alleged BlackHat69x69 Photo, A Dark Man with A Black fedora, and he only wears black.

The end of ROBLOX?

Possibly. this is because according to legend, He will come back worse. There are 6 ways you can tell he has joined the game, even though his name is invisible.

  1. The game will litterally be black (simiular to 1x1x1x1) making all players blind.
  2. The Lobby will have one invisible name.
  3. Increase in hackers
  4. Increase in loosing connection
  5. Decrease in Players (Yeah that's kinda weird.)
  6. And 6, seeing the black man himself.

Dark Games

As According to the Story, BlackHat69x69 is Present in Games that are completely dark. This may sound weird, but the More dark games there are, the Chances of BlackHat69x69 being Present will increase significantly. As back before he was a hacker, He used to play games that where dark, and black.

Is there an Account?

Believe it or not, Yes, There is a account about BlackHat69x69, Just search up "BlackHatHacker69x69" and you'll find an account that looks like the man in the photo above.


BlackHat69x69 can be summoned if you make a Black totem with red eyes. If it has worked, the game, Just like before, will turn dark, and you then see an invisible name in the lobby. After exactly 10 seconds, the game will loose connection.

Major signs

There are Major signs to indicate that BlackHat69x69's hacking days are close.

1.Increase in Connection loss.

2.Increase in hackers

3.Increase in dark games

4.Many people will be seen wearing black fedoras

5.Many games will have the screen completely black

6.Messages from BlackHat69x69

7.Computers loosing they're connection will vastly increase so much so that it would nearly be impossible to use them.

8.Increase in Lightning and Thunderbolts

9.Increase in scary content

10. And ten, Increase in ROBLOX hacking

Minor signs

These are Minor signs that dont really matter, but do indicate BlackHat69x69's wrath is soon.

1. Increase in people swearing

2. Roblox starting to die

3. More people quitting ROBLOX

4. Less normal people

5. More Arguments

6. More roblox wars

7. More games being all foggy

8. More people with admin

9. ROBLOX changing every day

10. Foul content


- He was based off 1x1x1x1

- No, he is not real, he is a fake hacker made up by a user named stormmaster7722.

- No, the 6 Signs arent real either.

- The picture was a user in a black fedora, and a black torso + legs.

- If one where to actually make an account named BlackHat69x69 and look just like this, plus he/she hacks, then it would be real.

- All of this is made up, the story and the 1st sign (Black game) was based off 1x1x1x1.

- The last part of his name the "69x69" came from 1x1x1x1. The author's favourite number is 69.

- Since this Story is fake, it is known as a Myth.

- The totem and his summoning is fake.

- BUT, the account is real.

- The whole page indicated that BlackHat69x69 LOVES Black, and LOVES being in the dark.