I found this in the program's files, this is what he looked like.

This… this has to be the most horrific thing I have ever seen on a virtual kids game… ROBLOX needs to know what is down… there…

I joined on the 12th of June 2012 on an account called “SuperTall”, I was an average user on ROBLOX; until I found the forums. I began crap posting, spamming and saying inappropriate words, like an immature kid. This was going on for two years and I kept on getting warning and warnings, until a mod messaged me. He was called “Alexk”, this is the message: “ STOP! You don’t know what its like to get banned on ROBLOX, sure this is a kids game; but you do not know the horrors your account is experiencing in a place called banland. ” I messaged him saying “ XD LOLOLOLOLOLOL giv me prof. “ Then he messages me a download, I was dumb so I downloaded it and installed it onto my PC. I see a program called “BanLand” on my desktop, so I click on it.

It straight away takes me to a room, it looks like a torture room. I began looking around, until I see this… this… ENTITY that looked distorted. I let go of my mouse and backed away from my monitor, then I hear it speak. “YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE BEING BANNED, TRAPPED IN AN UNDERWORLD.” in a corrupted voice, it said that. I went back to my PC and mashed the W key to go forward, so I could not see that beast. I look around and see more distorted characters all staring at me in those, bloody… fallen out… hanging… eyes! I run like hell to avoid them, whilst running I could see torture boards, body parts and hanged heads around the room. I noticed something on their cheek that made me stop and stare, it said its username… and it said “IP Banned”. Then I realized… THEY GOT BANNED! I walk around, looking for more items; when I saw something…

It was a… I don’t even know what the hell that thing was! It had 6 legs, a head, eyeballs misplaced out of their sockets and big, bloody teeth. It stared at me with those eyes, ready to charge at me. I turned my mouse 180 degrees and started to run like hell. It was charging at me like a cheetah, very, very fast. Whilst I am running, I notice a mini tunnel. So I run in there and I see the beast slip and fall on a spike, that kills him. I didn’t give a crap and started to run in the direction I was. I could see blood, muss, and skeletons. I kept walking until I noticed a sign, a sign that read the words “DONT DO IT”, I didn’t know what it meant so I kept on walking. I saw another sign that said “BANLAND ISNT A FAIRYTALE”, I started to get scared so I kept on walking. Then I see the sign saying “WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME. HELL.” I was confused until someone grabs my character.

I flung out of my chair and watched in horror as I’m getting my characters body parts ripped out slowly, I grabbed my mouse and tried to do something; but it was useless. Then the screen gets darker, and darker, reading the words “DONT DO IT”. The game closes and I am sitting in my chair, speechless and shocked. 5 seconds later, I was about to press on chrome until I get jumpscared by the beast I saw before with a horrific scream. I kicked my monitor and ran out of the office.

Five days later, I come back to my office and see something on my monitor... I almost fainted. I saw the words "DONT DO IT", scratched onto my monitor; and above it I see my window broken, SOMEONE FREAKING BROKE IN! I changed my monitor and turned my PC on with my hands on my ears, expecting a jumpscare. I logged in and I notice nothing changed, the program was gone and nothing was corrupted. I went onto ROBLOX and I got a new PM from the same guy, heres what it said: “So, do you want to get banned?"

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