They say there's a hacked copy of ROBLOX Launcher that drives you insane. They say it's real. Nobody believed them. I did. And now I really,really do.

Chapter 1: Collection

In the summer of 2015 (June 23rd to be precise) I was playing some old tycoon. While I was playing it, some random user joined. He walked around for about 5 minutes until he walked up to me. Oddly enough, his name was glitched so it wouldn't show up. Some of his words were blurred, too.

???: i have something cool for roblox retro gamers like you

me: what is it??????

???: ill send you a link

me: k

???: done

I checked the link. It led to a download of an 06 launcher. I decided to install it.

What a fool I was.

Chapter 2: Installation

I began to install the BR0KEN Launcher. When it started to load, however, I got a TON of lag. All my roblox games crashed.

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