( If you don't like cliche this might not be for you )

ROBLOX was a kid's game, A safe place for kids and adults!

But there is something hiding, Something ROBLOX was trying to hide away from us.

I used to be friends with Valcrist, An ROBLOX admin. He told me about a suspended user.

I tried to ask him what the name is but no matter what, He won't leak a single information about the user.

Until 1 day, He got annoyed at me and just decided to just give me the name. He warned me to NEVER go on it. It's username is BORXOLB, A jumbled and reversed version of the word ROBLOX.

I decided to search it, No results popped up. Until I refreshed the page a couple of times,

The website became corrupted, I kept refreshing until..

Everything that was color blue was changed to red. The background changed to some pixelated distorted background.

I refreshed for one last time and BORXOLB's profile popped up. The name flashed "BLOXROB".

His character was just a ROBLOXian with all color red. Was this what ROBLOX has been trying to hide for us?

I checked his places, One of them were named "RRRRRRRRR",

I joined it. The sky was red, It was a plain baseplate, There was gore on the baseplate,

Some NPC's popup up with their head spinning, They had a evil grin.

I decided to close ROBLOX and check his other game. Named "RRBBOO's Place".

I joined it to see distorted music with the Sky distorting.

I left it, I checked his friends to see only one, It was ROBLOX himself, I clicked ROBLOX's profile.

A pop up appeared. Saying " YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ME ", Before opening my game to a random place.

I couldn't move, Yet I was just stuck there, It showed my character slowly drowning in a blood pool,

I saw him slowly die, I couldn't watch it anymore so I tried closing, It won't happen.

I tried to close the process, Nothing happened. I tried to close the website either, It won't close.

" The Shutdown! " I thought to myself, I quickly shut down, It didn't even work.

Seems like closing won't do anything, I sat there and watched my ROBLOXian drown in blood.

The ROBLOXian suddenly stared at me emotionless for a minute.

A hand popped up on my ROBLOX window before crashing, My browser crashed either.

I wrote this page today after these events happened, I was then banned for 1 day by Valcrist for looking at this user,

But the user was gone, No trace of him had been found.

He could be still out there, Do not search BORXOLB.

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