I've had ROBLOX for almost a year. I will be a year old on Roblox in a few days. But, it happened a few days ago.

Chapter 1: Trolling

I was playing ROBLOX with my friend Hawkguts3 (AKA Haven)( We had a lot of fun using the teleport cape to glitch into a user's house. One day, I looked for a house to glitch into and I found a house that was locked. Me and my friend glitched into it, we both did a bad mistake.......

Chapter 2: BEWARE.exe

We glitched into the house and found blood on the TV, the walls, the floor, everywhere.

My friend ignored it and sent this message to the owner of the house:

We snuck into your house! We're Team Rocket! Lol!

The owner replied with this:

!yaY !ylap ot emac uoY

We got confused and my friend found out it was backwards and my friend made up the words:

You came to play! Yay!

Me and my friend were freaked out. I decided to call my friend and this was our call:

Chapter 3: The not-so Callsome call.


Friend: Hello?

Me: Hey. How do we get out?

Friend: I can't

Me: Have you tried ALT + F4?

Friend: I can't do ALT + F4 either.

Me: Crap. We need to get out.

Friend: Yep! We need t- *phone hangs up*

I was really freaked out! Then, I got another call. This was the call:

Chapter 4: Beware.exe calls me!


Me: Hello?

Beware.exe: You made a bad mistake.....

*Roblox High School shuts down*

Me: O_O

Beware.exe: I took your friend, now for you.

I couldn't hang up. I thought he was a hacker.

Me: Who.... are.... you?

Beware.exe: I am Beware.exe.

I broke my phone but I still heard the call.

Beware.exe hung up.

Chapter 5: RobloxError.png

I found a file after the call called RobloxError.png

I clicked on the file and it had my friend being hung. I quickly pressed ALT + F4 and I heard a knock at the door.

Chapter 6: The only thing to do is.. Fight back.

I opened it and it was a shadow holding a knife. I punched the shadow in the face, strangled the shadow to death and.... it was a small fight. Why is this chapter short!? (I broke the fourth wall)


After that, I had no trouble in Roblox, but my friend said this:

You came to play! Yay!

I was shocked.....

The End!?


This creepypasta is fake but Hawksguts3 and ROBLOX High school and the trolling me and my friend does are real.

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