Part 1

I was playing Unturned for a while, then decided to play roblox. While looking for a game to play, i noticed that phantom forces read:  (NEW GAME MECHANICS) in the desc. So I think "Sure, i'll play it.", not realising what I was getting into..

Part 2

As soon as the game loaded up, someone was in the chat saying: "guys check out my profile, i have ######" I just assumed that he was a normal roblox player under the age of twelve, with safechat. So I go to his profile out of curiousity and look at his inventory. I see some thing with no image that's called aTTacKSmiLEdOg, and I say "ROBLOX into creepypastas now?". So I just ignore it and go back to playing phantom forces. I get my favorite loadout, which is the AS VAL and the serbu shotgun, and deploy onto the guy who advertised his... thing. I find a guy with and M60, and start shooting him, but he takes no damage, and just says "LOOK BEHIND YOU" so, I look behind me, and there's that same robloxian, only he's holding something invisible. I say in the chat  "it's just a glitch, bug off..". Then the guy starts using profanity, like "THAT GUY HAS THE F-KING ATTACK #######", and I turn around, and the guy has a attack doge next to him. So I just laugh and shoot the guy, but then the attack doge runs at me, and stands in front of me. Chuckling, I shoot it with the shotgun, but then it's eyes turn white, and it's "doge-ey" face turns into a hideous, bloody (cliche) smile. I start screaming in the chat "GUYS! HELP ME OUT HERE!", but no one responds. I open the leaderboard, and nobody's on the server, but one player named youaredead. I get freaked out and instantly exit roblox, and log out of my account. I heave a big sigh, and go downstairs to play my guitar. I plug in the amp cord into my guitar, and turn the volume up. As soon as I strum a chord, ear piercing screaming comes out of the amp. I scream, "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!", and unplug my amp. I run to my bedroom, lock the door, and fall asleep.

Something tells me this isn't over..


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