I was scrolling through the games' section, desperately trying to find a good, decent game for me to enjoy. However, I couldn't find any until something interesting caught my eye. "Asylum" was its name. I clicked on the "Play" button and it teleported me into a game completely filled with emptiness and total darkness. Being curious, I walked straight and something began to emerge. It was getting larger and larger each time I got closer. Then, I realized it was an asylum so I walked inside the eerie looking structure. I dived in deeper and trails started to appear, but they seemed to be bloods. There were lights and beds in the building. I followed the trail and as I walked in further, I could hear footsteps, whisperings, baby cryings. I ignored the noises being generated and continued walking. Soon, the noises stopped. I also noticed something odd - the asylum had no facilities anything, except for myriad number of beds. The trail started to disappear. At this point of time, I was confused yet apprehensive. Will there be a jump scare or anything? These thoughts started to project on my mind. I lowered down the the game volume and waited at least two minutes but I encountered nothing horrifying. I walked cautiously, incessantly dragging my mouse around the screen to see anything unfortunate might occur. I saw a figure in the distance, coming closer to me. I was very terrified. I tried to close the game and exit but I couldn't. I did the ALT+F4 trick but unfortunately wasn't the solution. The figure stopped and remained at its place. I could hear crying from the figure's place. As I watched at it, it started to slowly crawl towards me. Each time it crawled, the lights will blackout. I tried to run away but it wouldn't let me since trying to exit the game wouldn't work. I then realized I could unplug my computer, so I did. Fortunately, it worked. I felt a sense of relieve. I plugged back my computer and logged into ROBLOX. Nothing appalling happened so far. Seconds later, I received a message from a user. I went to see and it read this.

"I am watching you. Your happy moments, your sad moments, your childhood, your life and everything involving you. I am the thing that watches you."

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