For a list of pages about the 2012 April Fools Hack, see April Fools Hack.
Note: This is a true story but with different things changed.

A Normal Day

I was playing with my friends. Cloud,Star, and Rain. We were playing some fun games on 2012 we really liked to play everyday Roblox, It was raining with storms so i went to roblox to calm down.

Something Weird

One day something weird happened. The places were named "Hacked" I checked the forums and comments they all said the same word. I partied My friends, Cloud,Star, and Rain. They said that they saw that too, so we decided to stay on a game.

The Place

We were on the Game together, We though we were the only ones there. We saw the people saying "Its too late" On Comments, We were so scared about that. We though we were the only ones on Roblox, we talked a little bit about it.

The Face

We checked the catalog, to see if it was normal, I wanted to see new hats. And we saw some weird face, The face was named :( , and one called :c . :( had very big eyes and a sad face, and the :c face had badly drawn eyes and a horribly drawn mouth, it clearly was not made by roblox, we though maybe roblox got hacked? We were wondering if Roblox created the :( face but maybe they didn't? The face was so dark, we checked the comments and now they said "Darkness" I told my friends and they surprised.

The Player

Some person Came on the game we were, he said "Its hacked." His user was "Hacked222" We were scared. The person left and we asked that who was that, It Joined another player, he was a normal player. He said to us "We cant stay here" I Said "Why?" He said "Because there is a hacker called "Unknown" I searched him. Something weird happened. We were trying to leave the game, But we could not, we tried clicking the X button and alt + f4, every time i tried to the game froze for a second (because roblox is laggy sometimes) but it felt kind of fishy.

The Hacker

I searched "Unknown" and there was one result, I clicked it, he was wearing the hacked face ":(" his head was red and his body black, randomly the frontpage turned black. He joined the game we were, he said "Get out". Randomly my computer shut down, I typed to my friends on Skype. They said that their frontpage turned black and randomly got shut down. For awhile i got in my tablet and saw some videos of it getting hacked, they could not enter Roblox yet.

Back to Normal

My computer is back to normal. I checked Roblox again, All the places name, all the comments forums, and the frontpage went to normal. I typed my friends and they said "Everything went back to normal we are okay" I checked back on his profile and he was banned. We took a deep breath, we said to everyone that this happened, but no one believed us, we checked the catalog, and the face was not there anymore so we calmed down and played some games, They now could go in Roblox, but something wrong happened.

(minor story patches by butta34)

To be continued... maybe?