I was with a group of 10 traveling down to Hark, we looted the office and we camped out for about 10 minutes. Then we cheered in joy when a van spawned. The van was purple, it was a passenger van and needed some serious repairing. We all sent out for some parts, I found 2 wheels and headed to the van to put them on. But that's when I saw something horrifying. I saw a player I tried to shoot him but to my suprise he didn't die or move. I got closer and he was wearing no clothing and this was not Patient 0 because P0 isn't known to spawn at Hark and this player (or creature) had no tentacles. Then he spun around and he had glowing eyes and his torso was covered in blood. Then he vanished. I put the two wheels on the car but I was still thinking about that mysterious beast that I saw. My team mate CapinHoodie1334 said he got some scrap metal and armor plates and the rest came back with wheels, scrap metal, etc. We all repaired the car, I said that I saw this beast. They said I was just trying to scare them and that it was probably just Patient 0. I told them that it wasn't Patient 0 and that this beast had red eyes, a bloody torso, no tentacles, and spun around but didn't run into me fast like P0 does. They said that it was probably just a hacker and that Apocalypse Rising gets tons of hackers. So then we drove off to Prison for some good weapons. I tried to convince myself that it was just a hacker. I went into one of the refugee tents to grab myself a G36K but I saw the beast behind me I quikly turned around... Gone. It was gone. I went to my group and told them I saw it again, then again they said it was just a hacker. While driving to Radio Tower we saw this black figure jump out infront of the van and I realized it was the beast again. Then shockingly it said in a red dialogue "BreakfastMaster.... You took something from me. Give me your soul! NOW!!!!! DIE!!!!", my whole team was suddenly terrified. Then all of a sudden the game crashes then I go to my character customization page to notice that my character is dressed at the beast! Then this photo popped up but it wasn't a photo of the beast it was a photo of........ ME! It was a photo of me hanging from a rope and standing beside me was the beast smiling.  I went to bed and slept, I had a knightmare of being surrounded in darkness then I hear this screaming then I see the beast's disembodied head come from the darkness staring at me for 30 seconds then he says in a dry hoarse voice "Share the photo or die." so I quikly spread the photo to all my friends. All my friends said they had knightmares of the one I had. I realized this photo was haunted and if you look at it you too will have the knightmare. I noticed something strange, each time we saw the beast it was midnight in the game.