I had just finished school and it was summer break.I,unlike alot of people,planned to stay indoors for the majority of the summer (Ik ik i'm a loser).Most of the time I would play roblox.It after all,is my favorite game on the internet.I have heard alot of stories about stuff like guest 666 and stuff like that.I thought it was just alot of nonsense.How could anything bad happen in such an innocent kids game? One Saturday morning I was in the mood for playing games.I decided to play roblox.I logged into my main account NightmareMedic and went to the games section.I looked for games in the search bar to see if I could find any old roblox games that had been forgotten after a while.All of a sudden I got a skype call from my friend.Let's just call him Jack.Jack was a big fan of roblox too.I asked him how he was doing.He didn't answer.He put a link in the chatbar.I asked him what it was.He simply typed "roblox thing".I copied the link and then he ended the call.I pasted the link into my web browser.It was a roblox game made by a player with the name: WalkieTalkies.Hmm......The game was called Come say hello.I clicked play.When I entered there was nobody there.Figures...I walked around for a bit in a huge city the play I assume the player had made.Then a message in the chatbox appeared."D'you like?" It was just those words with no player name.I was a bit taken back at first.But I guessed it was just some troll script or something of the sort.But then a name started to fade in.The player's name guessed it maybe? WalkieTalkies. I looked at the leaderboard.His name was no where to be seen.I said:"Ummm Hello?" He repeated himself:"D'YOU LIKE?????" I got a pain in my stomach. I was about to leave the game when a flash came from the screen.I realised it was my webcam.Luckily it was covered in tape so he couldn't get a picture of me.I said in the chat:"Nice try you per****ed hacker!" I thought to myself,"How could my friend send me this?" Then my character was lifted into the air by a unknown force.His face turned shocked.Wha??? I spluttered.Satanic signs began to form on my character."Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs like a girl.My character was then ripped in half.I kept trying to close the game but nothing worked.When my character died the whole thing went white.My heart was pounding.I was hoping it was all over.I then saw a message in the chat that made me swallow my heart.WalkieTalkies typed in the chat my exact address,phone number and the name of everyone in my family.He then said:Have a nice day....My pc then shutoff.I was crying so hard at that point.I told my parents about the whole thing.They called the police and I told them what happened.The user was deleted by roblox and a new user took the name.I asked my friend "Jack" why the hell he had told me about it.He just smiled and said:"D'you like?"

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