once i was allen5521 freind i knew he was RICh but he neved used his OWN money cuase he thought he look cool with that LOL day cap :/ but i dont have it

MAY 20

i just played i game called PLACE40 it was staarnge but just a dead body that wasint part of the game

october 5th

i don*t think i should be at roblox anymore everygame i play i hear screams my parents played and my brother they did not belive me cuase the computer was normal

febarey 7TH

help! allen5521 has been offline for too long too man screams OMG red dot
july 4th

ahh those fireworks HOLD ON WHAT THE

all my friends are offline i only have 5






whos () i rember WHAT I ONLY HAD 4


skip this again :/

june 7

alot of sports today i went camping OO scary noises i found out i was alone that all my other frineds that don*t play roblox has been kidnaped

novemver 6th

OMG I KNEW WHO DID THIS ALLEN he has been offline for alot of years what do i do WHAT CAN I DO omg i started panicing my heart started raceing in my apartment building

then i heard i gunshot i stopped i fell not only i fainted

i turned back i left nobody was in the apeartment building i said goodbye roblox i went down the elevator the music was only screams i left

i knew suidce was a bad thing to do so i never will AND do that i just have to live my life as this

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