"alexl0lk was never heard again"

(If you do not know a meaning of a fake creepypasta, please exit this creepypasta.)

He's back. Yeah.

Here come's alexl0lk 2...

Like usual, it was a normal day and i wanted to play Prison Life with my friend again.

We joined it and saw the user called


Me: Dude, look in the player list, alexl0lk is back!

???: What? i thought we reported him!

Me: he just made another account!

alexl0lk2: Yes, i am back, and powerful than ever!

He teleported EVERYONE to his game.. alexl0lk.

Still, builderman still dead and some things are new.

erik.cassel's grave...?

a model of me?

Everyone said OMFG and WHAT IS THIS?!

And yes, alexl0lk2 was in the game.

And everyone MISSED erik, so they all went to his "grave".

They were sad, as always.

And i was sad too.

until we got teleported to a dark room.

and yes, alexl0lk2 was in this "dark room".

alexl0lk2: Hehehehehehe...

Me: Why did you do this, alex?

alexl0lk2: That's because.

He then used a command. :trap marcus

and yes, it trapped me.

Since he did that, we could report him, right?

so everyone reported him, and he was "banned".

Everyone left the game, me and my friend too.

I searched for "alexl0lk" in the search bar to check if he was banned.

And guess what?

alexl0lk and alexl0lk2 was there!

I thought we reported him... but he was unbanned.


So i talked to my friend about it.

Me: Dude, search for alexl0lk! the 2 accounts are still there!

???: just searched for him, it's true!

And then Alex hacked the website. The catalog was not working.

Everything was called "alexl0lk".

and more.

So just... someone shut the page down.


Guess they are fixing the website and banning alexl0lk, a1ex101k, and alexl0lk2.

And then he was never heard of ever again.


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