I was playing games with some of my buddies, until I heard a noise. It was my message notification. I went in my message said the first thing I saw was the title called "Akuma". When I clicked it, the website crash and took me to a black screen. I waited around 5 minutes, and after that, I saw the most disturbing thing I ever saw in my life. It was a mangled body with a noose around its neck. I looked away from the screen, gagging from what I saw. When I looked back the screen, the body was looking at me with bloodshot eyes and blood dripping down from his hands. When I looked closer at the body, I saw words on his chest which looked like it was carved by a knife. The words said "Hello do you wanna play, Luke?" I was shocked and freaking out. How did he know my name? In panic I try to exit the site, but couldn't. Words popped up saying "LOGIN" and after trying to do everything trying to exit out, I had no choice but to login. When I logged in, the menu was full of blood and some sort of black liquid. The thing that disturbed me while in the menu was there was only one game, and it was called "Jigoku.exe". When I clicked on it, the cover art for the game was a person with its face torn off and he was crying a black liquid.

As I enter into the game, It was dark and the only thing I could was my robloxian. After searching around for about 2 minutes, I saw a house he distance, but It was almost blended with the darkness. When I got inside the house there was blood, torturing tools with amputated bodies all over he place with some bones. After I searched around the place there was a tunnel that goes underground. The door behind me close. When I turned around there was words on the door that says "Go Down". I proceeded to go down as I was told. When I reached the bottom of the tunnel there was room and I stop. I heard someone in a very deep voice saying "Hello.." When I looked straight, It was 2 bloodshot eyes but nothing else. He says "My name is Akuma." I said "Why am I doing here?" He replies "You shouldn't have clicked on that message." I said "I didn't know!" He says "You were chosen by me to die." He comes right up to me grabbing on to my arm and taking it of and seeing realistic blood on my screen and seeing my arm with blood coming out of it. He torn of my both legs, seeing too much blood and seeing it on him as well. I keep losing health but slowly. He starts drinking my blood and seeing the stains in his rotting black teeth. He grabs my head and tears it off and my health is gone, I can't respawn and his face is staring right at my screen. He says "Night Night..." and my computer turns off.

When I try to turn back on my computer, the power button isn't working so I decided to wait. After 10 minutes I turn the power button, it worked and It started loading, but weirdly. It was flashing pictures of dismembered bodies. When I got in, I saw the horrifying face of Akuma in the background of my computer. He was smiling with blooding all over his face his eyes with no pupils and the words across it saying, "Night Night, Luke..." I turned off my computer by unplugging the cord, but the background was still there, so I grabbed the computer in 12 pm , took it out side and smashed it with a sledge hammer. After I was done, I looked down the road and saw someone there standing under the lamplight. He was black and the only thing you could see, was the rotting black teeth as he was smiling with is blood shot red eyes.

Roblox: Zifini

Steam: Zay

Xbox: Zelicul

Ps4: Hyena_Whites