I now know the chilling truth about the long gone user “admin”, the first ever account created on ROBLOX and the first ever admin on ROBLOX; this is the story.

I was scrolling in the forums and I noticed a thread that was titled “First ever account on ROBLOX?” I pressed on the thread and it said “What was the first ever account created on ROBLOX?” A lot of people were saying “Duh, ROBLOX was the first account created.” I was looking at the thread replies and I see someone say “There was a guy called admin, he was the first ever account on ROBLOX; but he was abandoned and taken out of the ROBLOX database”.

That’s when I became interested in that abandoned user, I partied the guy that said that. He joined and said “Hello?” I say hello and I ask for more info on admin, this is what he said “Admin was known to be an Administrator of ROBLOX, but he was either fired or he left; no one knows what happened to him, but he was ripped out of the database for an unknown reason.” I thank him and he leaves, I decided to check the ROBLOX files. I went to %appdata% and found the ROBLOX files, I searched “Admin” in the files; but I never found anything relating to him. I was about to give up until I see a weird program in the files, it was called “Admins funeral”; I click on it and it starts up the ROBLOX player and enters into a game.

The game only had a coffin, nothing else. I jumped onto the coffin and it teleports me to another game! This is when I was creeped out, the sky was red and the coffin was opened; but nothing was in it. I look around and I see something that looked like a corrupted entity in the distance, I run up to it and it starts to chat with me. It said this “…the admins…they were like a family to me…they used to play games with me…they would listen to me…they loved me…until they replaced me with another user…they loved him more than me…I was later kicked out of ROBLOX…they took out my code…they ripped me out of the database…they forgot about me…” I was about to ask who the user was, until he said this “…but…you cannot let them know I am here…” He runs to me and tries to kill my character, I attempt to close the game but it wouldn’t work; my Microsoft Windows UI wasn’t working at all! I decided to run; he chases me and shoots my character in the leg; that makes him fall down. He drags me into the coffin and closes it, leaving the words “I am here” on my screen; then my computer shuts off, making me run out of the room.

I go on my iPad and log in to ROBLOX; I posted on the forums “HOLY SHIT GUYS THE GUY CALLED ADMIN IS REAL! IT TRIED TO KILL ME!” People thought I was making lies and were laughing at me, then the post gets deleted. I later try to post it again, until my account gets warned; the reason was “Don’t ever talk about him or anything about the ROBLOX Corporation”. I reactivate my account and notice that I get a PM from a random guy, it says this “There is another way to talk to Admin, you have to go onto his personal IRC chat; the domain is:”

I open up my IRC app and join the chat. When I joined, Admin said “WhO ArE yOu” I say “I need more information on why you were kicked out of the ROBLOX Corporation.” He says “RoBLOx REPlacED ME wiTH ANothEr UsEr nAmEd ROBLOX” I ask why, he says “i WaS tHe f!rsT usEr tO jOiN RoBl0XZ bEcAusE mY ID wAs NuMbEr 1” It makes sense now, but I ask why he was kicked out of ROBLOX for that; he says “tHeY tHoUGHt i WaS a GliTcH aNd A m!staKe iN tHe dAtABaSE”. I close my IRC app and try to turn on my computer, it starts up.

I log in to my windows account and I see something… disturbing. My background was a photo of admin, but he looked corrupted and dismantled. There were words under it saying “I AM HERE”. I change my background and head to ROBLOX, I nearly faint. My ROBLOX character turned into the same guy on my background and my username change to admin! My homepage is covered in blood and dead ROBLOX admins, the catalog only sells the ROBLOX admins’ heads that were chopped off. The forums is filled with criticism about the admins and death threats to them, it was crazy as hell. I close my browser and uninstall ROBLOX for good.

Admin is here, he was always here; but never hunt him down, as the consequences are brutal.

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