It was a normal day like any other. The flowers were blooming. The trees shaking in synchronization. The children playing. Teens being delinquents. And of course the sad realization of life.

It was 2006. Spring has just started in the small town of Riverdan Illinois. Spring break has just begun for the young children and pubecent young adults. Riverdan was a quiet town. People usually kept to themselves and most of the time the town was very lifeless. Everybody knew each other and if you didn't know them you were outcasted. The suicide number for the area has increased over the years. 

Some speculated it's because of the anti-social atmosphere surrounding those lonely folks. Though, it didn't change their views very much.

It was Saturday morning. It was early in the morning near 5am. Most adolescents sleep around this early but Josh was different.

Josh was 15, he had recently moved to this small town with his mother and father. His sister died at birth. The family was known throughout the years for being lonely. Sometimes they would be hated for no reason. It was the hate alone that made them move.

Josh was a quiet boy. He never talked much, he was lonely, and didn't like others. He sometimes wished to not grow up grieving majority of the time. The sadness however lead him to discover the internet.

Josh loved gaming, more importantly using the computer. It was his only escape from the cruel reality. So of course like any other weekend, he woke up early and went on his computer. His parents were out of town for the week due to a business meetings all week long in another state. So he had no need to leave his room.

He booted up his PC. Nothing was unusual. He ran his browser and started surfing the internet. He went on some gaming sites foruming with his online friends. Oddly when he was on one page, his browser closed on its own. 

Josh thought nothing of it and went back to the site he was on. Strangely instead of loading onto the site a banner appeared saying 'This Website is down at the moment'. Josh was puzzled and visited his other forming sites. All of them had the exact same message on them. Josh started to get weirded out.

He closed out of the browser again and opened it back up. He clicked the recent site and to his surprise the message was still there, except there was an ad at the top. It read 'Roblox, a free interactive game! Join now!'. 

Josh very rarely seen ads on this site so out of curiousity he clicked the ad. The ad lead him to Roblox's sign up page. Even though he was a little weirded out he decided to try out the game. He made an account and his profile loaded. 

Opon joining, he received 2 messages. Both explaining the basic roblox rules and help guides. He ignored them and clicked on the game page. Opon loading he noticed that now it read '1' at the top where the message icon is located. He clicked the icon.

After clicking it, it read 'new message'. The sender was unclear. He opened the message out of curiosity thinking it was from a user. The message loaded. First he looked at who it was from. The sender read: 'Admin'. He assumed it was from one of the site administrators and read the message.

More coming soon!

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