I got kinda bored talking to my friends on a Gumball Fanon wikia, So I decided to play my favorite game: Roblox.

I was searching for some games, but there was nothing I was interested in. But I found one game That amused me. It was a game called, "4B1ND0ND. D0 N07 3N73R" I was confused from the name, so I clicked on the page.


I was super creeped out from this, so I looked at the comments. They were.....very weird... One of them said, "R3D RUM" Another said, "YOU MONSTER!!! YOU KILLED HER!!! I HATE YOU!!!" But the weirdest one I saw said, "I regret playing this game so much. I'm getting chased down. Do not play this game or you will suffer."

I was creeped out from all of this, so, stupidly, I played the game to see whats up.

When i joined, There was a message saying, "You should've listen to them." It closed a few seconds later. In the game I saw Nothing but a road, a terrain, a normal sky, and an unfinished looking "happy home" model. In the model, there was a strange looking brick that had was a glitchy texture. It felt like that it was colorless, almost void like. It was also covered in the numbers, 0 and 1. It was named, "THE LAST ONE"

I decided to explore the map, but there was not to much to see. I was about to X out, but suddenly, music started to play. But I'm not to sure if it was music that was playing. It sounded more like a recording of some accident. Here's what I believe it said:

"This is test 583. Now beginning test....Something is wrong. The computer is-"

Then there was a LOUD explosion that made my take off my headphones. The "music" clipped and ended. I was getting freaked out, so I decided to exit the game. But then someone else joined. His username was, "MADEIN1993". He started to say,

"H37P M3 I72 47M027 53R3"

I was getting very freaked out from all of this, but then the screen turned red. I was freaking out from this. Then my laptop screen was flashing codes, and started glitching out. I was starting to get very scared. I tried to X out, but it wouldn't work. I tried to turn off the computer, but that didn't work either. I tried closing my laptop, but it was stuck. I was freaking out. Suddenly, MADEIN1993 started to approach me slowly, and the closer he'd get, the more glitchy the computer would get. When he finally got next to me, a picture of an old abandoned looking lab popped up on the screen, and I suddenly blacked out.

When I woke up, I went to the game to see that it said that this game was made back in 1993, which is odd because I thought Roblox Was created somewhere in 2004. I emailed Roblox about the game, and he said:

"Dear Agentpman2

TEST PLACE 00100100110101010101010110010101010100001110011011000111D0N073N73RRUN0001110101010000011111000011010000110101101000011101000100101

Scincerly, Roblox 1993."

I was getting creeped out, so I went back to roblox, only to find that it has been temporarily shut down. Then, Some glitchy robloxian made out of codes popped up in my screen and said:

"0NLY 2U4V1V0R 73F7"


The laptop crashed, so I restarted it. When It opened up, I saw that my desktop was a picture of MADEIN1993. I changed it, and nothing else happened ever since. Yet.


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