Are you still here?

The following details are SUPER creepy and scarier. If you are frightend, please leave the page now!

Chapter 1: Playing ROBLOX 8/24/2009

It was a stormy day. There was nothing to do. I was watching videos of tornadoes. When I was watching so many videos of them, I found a roblox tornado video. I decided to watch it. It was very interesting. It was where the player inserted a tornado into the small house in studio. He soon joined and the tornado sucked everything into it. He was soon like "Where is everything?" and then the video was over. I typed in roblox because I was curious. It took me to a crap ton of websites that said I saw a few photos of the game. There were videos of it too. I decided to go on the roblox website. It had a good layout. I chosen to sign up for it. I made my username "Robloxtester1194145." When I logged in, I saw a new fun thing to do in life.

Chapter 2: Trying Out ROBLOX 8/25/2009

I decided to play a game called Galleons. A game where we be pirates and try to sink the other ship. We fight people who go on our ship. When I joined the game, it was fun, but it got boring after hours of playing. All it was to me was just firing a cannon, steering a ship, and killing players. I decided to go play Work At A Pizza Place. That game was around since like 2007 or 2008. When I played, it also got pretty boring. It was like Galleons. Doing the same things over and over again. I tried out Sword Fights On the Heights. This is when it got fun. I was killing people easily without dying. I have made it to 0 KOs and 20 WOs. I soon got the special dangerous badge for getting that result. I was proven as a dangerous sword fighting. And the best thing was that it didn't get boring fast. I was playing it for days. Well, for months.

Chapter 3: Bad Grades 5/28/2010

When I got my report card from school, my parents told me that it was bad and that I would get grounded if I keep getting results like this. I listened to them and did my homework. I had to do a lot of homework because of the work I didn't do. I had to study a lot too. It was hard work, so I took a break from roblox for a long time. I started liking to study, so I did it more often. I started getting more social too. I made good friends in school, I was working good, and I got straight As. This was so much that I forgot that I even played ROBLOX. It was soon a rainy day again. I had nothing to do. I didn't need to study. I finished my homework. ROBLOX came straight back into my mind soon. I went on my computer, which turned somewhat slow because of how old it is. I soon went onto ROBLOX and played more Sword Fights On The Heights.

Chapter 4: Returned to ROBLOX and Strange Stuff. 6/19/2010

I was having fun on roblox again that I forgot many stuff that I learnt. I was playing Sword Fights on The Heights again. There were many hackers in the game going into godmode, getting the bunny ears of caprice, etc. I got used to the hackers in the game, so I decided to keep playing. I was soon logging in and playing, only to find out that there was only 3 pla

Sword Fights On The Heights

Red Sky

yers (if you include me). When I joined, the sky was red. One of the players was in the middle, and the other one was not visible at all. One players name was Dinosaur3592. The other one was named Hope. Dinosaur3592 was the visible one. Hope was invisible. Me and Dinosaur3592 were questioning what was going on here. The middle soon lost the ring of fire. Soon, Hope's name changed to Abandoned. Dinosaur3592 left the game for an unknown reason.

Chapter 4: Abandoned All Hope (Same Day)

(Before I continue, I would like to say that my 7 year old step brother is being obnoxius, so this is not gonna be good for the rest.)

No Fire

Ring Is Missing

Abandoned soon appeared to become visible. When I saw her, she was holding a sword. It was not any of the swords in the game.  It was a blank black sword with blood on the top. She soon said "You have abandoned me" I soon asked how. She didn't explain to me, but she soon just stabbed my character. Instead of my character normally dying, it cut straight in half. Not with the Torso seperating from the legs, but the entire body cutting in half. When both of the body fell, roblox blood started flowing out of it. There wasn't any respawn. The game soon stopped responding. When I exited the game, I dared never to play roblox again. I never wanted to see anything that had to do with roblox anymore. I decided to share this creepypasta as my last roblox thing.

Chapter 5: Ending 9/30/2011

It's been more than a year since I played ROBLOX. I couldn't ever get anything that happened out of my head. I felt an urge that something was following me wherever I go. I wasn't able to sleep anymore because of what I experienced. All of my sanity was lost. I would spend most of my life laughing and sobbing. I had an urge to play roblox too much, so I just visited back to the website. When I logged into my account, it wouldn't go on the page. It wasn't banned. It wasn't really removed from existence neither. It just left me on a blank white page. I exited the website, only to find a paper that said "You left me." I knew that I was being watched.

The End.


We just told you that this article was SUPER scary and creepy! We advise you do not read this again at evening, night, or at 3:00 AM.


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