Chapter 1 (8/19/2016):I got bored so played ROBLOX.Roblox got a update.The update added something near the robux button.It said kill.I clicked on it like a idiot.Then i spawned in a game.There was alot of players.Then there was some kind of path.The path got created after 3 minutes.There was no X button.I clicked esc and there was no leave game button.The Place was empty with a text that gets updated every minute.Many people followed the path cuz theres nothing else to do.I didnt want to be alone with 2 other people so i went close to the path.Then all i saw was blood.There was more blood getting created every sec.My robloxian got a skull on its head.I went running back to the 2 other people that didnt go.Then one of them became a model he couldnt move or quit or reset or anything only talk.He started yelling help.It was only me and the other guy.I tried reseting my laptop and it didnt work.It was late so i went to sleep.


Chapter 2 (8/20/2016):I came back and i saw all the players become a model.I touched one and he got killed and a skull spawned.He never came back.He didnt get out of the game he was still on the player list.It was only me.I didnt know what to do so i destroyed the computer.I still played ROBLOX and the kill thing wasnt there.It was all normal again.

This is fake btw

Exploding laptop00:06

Exploding laptop

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