i made this up for fun

I started to play roblox and typed in lumber tycoon in the roblox seach bar and played it, it was soo fun until 3 days later i got disconnected to the game for playing for 3 days and when i looked at myself, i had a scary face, 1 minute later my name changed to why'd you played for 3 days? i heard the phone and the number said ???????? and his voice is soo creepy! heres the conversation:

me: hel.....lo, uh hello?

???: *wispering* i am a hacker, i hacked the lumber tycoon game and soon i will hack you in 2 days, why did you played it for 3 days?

me: what? i dont understand!

???: *erie wispering* why did you do it?

???: *hangs up:

i contenued and believe it our not, he just did not called me, he called 98% of roblox players even my friends like all of my friends. here was the chat: (we talked scared)

me: hi

friend: *scared voice* uh. uh hi

me: uh did the hacker called you? he called me

friend: yeah, he said that he will make the 404 page to a very scary builderman smiling and staring at you and a writing drawn by a 4 year old saying soon you are going to be haunted!

me: yeah! he said he'll hack me for playing a game for 3 days!

end of chat

i got freaked out and it nearly made me hide at my roblox friend's house (my friend in roblox lives next door to me)


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