Chapter 1: Usual ROBLOX Stuff.

It was a normal ROBLOX Day for me, Nothing out of the ordinary. I Was playing magic277's SCP Game. I Was messing around since i beat it 3 times already, Then magic joined. "Cool, magics here." I Said. Everyone else fanboyed/girled over magic. After a while magic left, then the game shut down. "Update." I Thought. My friend came over to my house, And i hooked him up with an account. I Let him use my computer to play with me, while i went on a spare PC. We played FIGHT OR PROTECT By magic. (Yes thats actually it.) Now before i continue on, this was my first creepy pasta, if you dont like, shut up.

Chapter 2: Things start getting weird...

A Little while later, magic joined. It was my VIP Server, so no one else joined. I Was pacifist and my friend was getting annoying by killing me over and over. Magic kept killing him. He said to me i wanna play another game, so i hooked him up with some survive the disasters. ALL PEOPLE/PLACES MENTIONED = AFTER THE CREEPYPASTA. "Well this place is empty." Magic said. "I Know, i'll get a friend in here." I Said. It took a while but i got a friend in. IIKingJamesII. He was being his usual self, being weird. I Listened to September Nightcore, 10 hours becuase why the hell not? After a while a guest joined... It did its usual routine, be a idiot, get murdered by magic, Followed by some blood? (It wasnt hyper-realistic, shut up.) I Guessed it was just a new addition. When James died, there wasnt blood. TO BE CONTINUEEED

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