I was searching for scary games on roblox and i got more then i bargained for.

Chapter 1: The Terror Begins!

It was supposed to be a normal day, but what happened was... unexpected. It was a unusual day.I got back from a stupid day at school and my family was being weird.So then i thought "why not play some Roblox that'll be fun". I Hurried up to my computer and turned it on, i click on Roblox and saw a weird front page game.I tried to click on other games but my mouse was locked on the mysterious game...

Chapter 2: 9/11/2012

So, i was on the mysterious game and I was scared... I was teleported to a game called Twins. Then i saw a victim jump and die. Then the victim came back to life with broken bones and I died. Then someone named ITSTOOLATETOBEALIVE killed me! So i went on my profile and my character was black. Then ROBLOX Term'ed me for an unknown reason.

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