So, this is true, but I mean REALLY true. This haunted my life forever. I deleted some of my alts so this would not happen again. I just had to share this. I'm not sure if this has happened to any others.

It was April 22, 2016. I had 5 alts and my main. I wanted to play Roblox so I went to customize and then went to the Games page. I found nothing fun to play, because there were so many fake games, copied games, boring games, OD'er games, you name it! But then I went to search Forsaken Sword Legacies 2. I played for a bit...until I encountered a familiar username. It was aromako. One of my scam testers and 5th alt.

She watched me everywhere I went to, the garden, a village, everywhere! I thought it was my sister, but she doesn't really play Roblox anymore. I thought it was one of my friends, but they hate Roblox. I was SUPER creeped out. I went afk for a minute and checked on my computer, my XBOX, everything. None of them were opened, turned on, or touched. I had a strange feeling. I checked on my iPad, to see if some demon or ghost was using it. Nothing. But I saw I was in another game. I was falling out the world.

I tried to talk to her. I was too scared to do it. I wasn't sure it was safe. But I was getting curious. I needed to know who it was. I respawned and she was right there. I stayed silent, to see if she would say something, but nothing. I had the courage and started a conversation.

Me- Hi.

aromako- Hello, Natalie.

Me- Aren't you my alt?

aromako- Yes, why?

Me- How are you doing this without me controlling you?


Me- Sorry.

aromako- Do you WANT to know the truth?


aromako- Fine, I am your insanity crawled and cramped into your alt.

Me- What do you mean by insanity? You mean the cause of it?

aromako- Yes. I am-

That was the last thing I heard from aromako. I deleted all the alts I used for scams. I tried to delete aromako. But I couldn't. When I tried, those words came up.

"Do you WANT to know the truth?"

The End?

~Nataliegeddes10 "Natal" as known in Roblox.

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