I was playing roblox in midnight. I saw something out the window. I heard something from downstairs. I came to check it out. Turns out some of the plates were broken. Someone knocked on the door. I checked first who it is. Then it was no one. I continued playing roblox. I played "Design It" and 2 of my nightmares joined the game. You can guess who it is. Can you? Yes, It is. It's Invalid and Grave. Told you they would return! But they were here for another reason. They didn't attack me or hack me. Grave [or grave13372] said "Get out." INVALID said "No" it looked like they were fighting and the both of them left. I decided to go to the bathroom and wash my hands. I saw in the mirror something. I saw Invalid's Avatar and Christian's Avatar [AKA grave13372]. I continued playing and i slept while playing.

Part 2: Roblox starts on Reality

I woke up and i needed to get some coffee. But i noticed something. I noticed something dripping from the attic. I thought it was fake blood but it was real. I checked out my attic then i saw a block. A block covered in blood. I ignored it and got some coffee. I wanted to play roblox but it keeps on saying "ERROR 1111111111" every time i join a game. Later on. I could only play one game called "NIGHTMARE" I played it and it was boring. I decided to leave. The error was fixed but i heard a rustling noise from downstairs. I checked it and the fridge was broken. I tried to fix it but i can't. I called my friends but they were not there. I continued play roblox. My avatar was all red and my face has red eyes. I heard something whisper "You are not alone...." and heard something behind me. It was nothing. I played some games until midnight i heard a knock from my door. It was nothing again. I didn't know why these things keep happening. I needed to leave the house. I ran away as fast as i could and ran into a dead end. Then i realized something, I realized that i was all........