So it was just another day on roblox, and i joined galaxy. Then, a person named 90sAdventure joined. I can't put an image of him, as I made this pasta on a mobile device, I'll just describe his avatar.

His head was a flesh color, and the rest of his body was a normal blue.

he had the 4.0 torso, 3.0 arms, a 3.0 head, and 3.0 legs. He joined, and he was like a normal person. Then, he walked on his enemies turf (you get killed if you do that) and he didint die.

i got suspicious about it. (He had the male body, not the female 3.0 or 4.0.)

he plays pretty much everyday, so if you are freinds with him, play with him on galaxy and see for urself

so i checked his profile and he had all these badges like galaxy beta and friendship. He only joined in 2017. His avatar looks like dis.

that is his avatar. And he isint banned. Look for him on servers ok.

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