Roblox is practically my life. I discovered it back in 2011/2012 with SincereTrex. I joined with my first account on the 4/1/12 hacking. I don't remember that day. Soon, two alts were made - HumanBody19 and SincereTrex99. I didn't use either of the SincereTrex too much, and HumanBody19 became my main. Soon, I had BC and got many hats and faces. Soon, I was at the high of my three accounts.

On 7/28/14, however, something terrible happened. One of my friends started a chat. He asked if he could give me robux. At first, I sharply declined, but I have this tendency to feel guilty or bad for others. That single trait led me to losing my account. I gave him my password, and I was scammed. I was completely devastated. The account hasn't been used for a long time.

However, that same day, I created a new account - Daikaiju2000. I slowly built up and became a dev to a popular game at the time, Paleozoic Life. Now, I live happily as my final account.

Part 1

Today, I decided to play one of my favorite games, Primal Life. For some reason, though, I noticed something. I had only two friends. Soon, I looked at my avatar. It was my normal appearance. Soon, I noticed something next to it.

"Hello, HumanBody19!"

It was strange, because HumanBody looked NOTHING like me. And I mean no resemblance at all. I continued into Primal Life, and the game ran smoothly. I died once because of a "salty shant", but then the game lost connection. I rejoined by myself, but something was wrong. It was night, but no stars showed. The moon was red. Luckily, other people began joining, and they claimed to have the same bug. I ran around with my Utahraptor and went to one of the nearby lakes. It was pitch black.

Shantungosaurs began spawning in, and questioned the color of the water. A Sarcosuchus went in and simply disappeared. We noticed the user left the exact moment that the croc vanished. Soon, others began venturing in, and they started sinking in like they fell into quicksand. A few managed to get out, but many users were kicked from the server.

The player count was much higher than usual, but alot of people noticed that no one who was absorbed by the "Black Lagoon" as it was nicknamed rejoined. I then noticed a second server with the people who vanished. Soon, the game shut down.

Part 2

Soon, we rejoined, and it was in the second server. We were in a pitch black area. Everyone was saying they couldn't leave. I tried it myself and they were right. Soon, the ground disappeared and everyone fell. The ground never came back and we were forced into a loopkill.

Soon, the server crashed.

I played Work at a Pizza Place after. I was in a huge server, but soon everyone started leaving for some reason. Soon, I found someone. It looked like HumanBody19 after I was scammed. His name was "Former". Soon he began talking.





He began repeating those in a random order. Soon, his appearance started flashing between SincereTrex, SincereTrex99 and HumanBody19 post-scam. Eventually, I started losing health. I soon died, and respawned. It began repeating the cycle, but I left quickly. "Former" left a final message.


I have no idea what that meant, so I logged out and signed into Daikaiju2000. I called a few friends in chat, and told them what had gone down. Alot of them disregarded it, but about 2 or 3 believed me. I got them in a party and asked them if they wanted to play something. Soon we agreed to play one of my friends games. When we joined, though, the server was corrupted. Alot of the morphs were distorted. Only some of the models that made sounds were intact, specifically, the Trike and the Dilopho. The other morphs seemed in a terrible state, with mangled legs and arms, scrapes and blood coming out. The worst looked dead, bones sticking out, eyes popped out, and a missing arm. Soon, we encountered a figure. It was Former again. I freaked out, for two reasons. 1. He followed me again, and 2. His name wasn't in the list above. We tried killing him, but he seemed invincible. Soon we left and fled to another game, Lumber Tycoon 2.

Part 3

The game had no one else, but two more people joined. The game worked fine, but soon, something odd happened. The Volcano where you can get wood at was blocked off. Soon, a deep rumbling occurred. Smoke billowed out of the volcano and we fled. As we evacuated through the ferry, the sky began turning into a blackish-red color. As the ferry left, the volcano erupted, expelling lava and ash everywhere. Soon, the lava began melting objects and buildings.

When we reached the other side, we saw Former again. He was holding an axe with blood on it. Soon, the ferry crashed onto the shore as we noticed the captain. He was slumped on the ground, the red liquid flowing out of him.

Soon, Former began speaking again.





Here, we freaked out. He was most likely referring to how I never used the alternate accounts, and how we would join them. Now, what "SOON" meant became clear. I would become one of them.

If I didn't fight.

One by one, my friends left until I was left alone to fight Former. I took out my axe, and he swung his. We charged and clashed with axes. He had the Gold Axe, the strongest in the game. One or two swings could cut down a tree. I only had a Silver Axe, but I had to fight for my survival. I had the upper hand at first, but soon he overpowered me and threw me to the ground. The end seemed nigh. The Golden Axe was at my head. The final swing was a few moments away.


I knew that I had lost. But then I got an idea. My axe was in the correct position, and I swung. The axe drove through his chest, and he backed away, dropping the Golden Axe. I picked up the axe and threw it at Former, penetrating his head as he fell into the water. I watched his body pieces separate and float up in the water.


"FOR NOW..."


Soon, the skies cleared. The body pieces disintegrated. And the server shut down.

I played Primal Life again and everything returned to normal. My friends were pretty shook up, and so was I, and I knew he would come back. For now, though, I decided to enjoy Roblox until he returned. But he would return much sooner than I thought. Soon, me and another person discovered a message was scratched into the grass. It said,


I knew exactly what it meant. And who made it.