Hello, and welcome to my newest creepypasta. As you could see...i was stopping to post here. I had no ideas, nor something to entertain me. I got banned for a day and made a account called with a name that's right up here.

It all started 9/16 when I got banned. It was stupid, because it was due to copy pasting thread. So, i made the account and went to my best friends profile. He played 'Boys and Girls Hangout'. So I joined him and when he saw me and he was like "YOU GOT BANNED?" and "OH SHT OH SHT".

We decided to play this game for a while and made a video also. Until 6:09:14 PM, I could finally play. We played Mad Games together and I was level 95 there! My game shut down by then. I joined again, but my friend wasn't there. "Weird." I thought. Only my alt account was there. "I never friended it." I said again and went to it's account.

It seems like it bought satanic like things. I refreshed it, and it was gone. It was my imagination how it looks...

"Hello." His blurb said.

It's my fault

Actually, many things happened to me right now. I was playing with my that best friend like I said and I got mad that my character turned into black figure with fedora, normal hair and satanic T-Shirt. It happend many times, and I couldn't control it.

About a minute ago right now, I was playing Mad Games again with him, and I got to Level 98. Suddenly, we we're the last on Mad Murderer, so we went to duel.

"WAIT" He said.

"can i win for rubies?" He also said.

As me being a asshole, I said no. So we began the duel. He was saying some more things and then...he called me selfish. Why? Because, I killed him. He was a rager anyway, so I didn't liked him. He then left. Into chat he said that selfish thing. Some seconds ago, he unfriended me.

Isn't that stupid? He unfriended me due a little STUPID reason! I then played Phantom Forces...


We're friends again. I followed him into a game and then we became friends again. I also noticed that my character turned black for a second. I ingored that and we played for a while. After that, I somehow left. I rejoined again, but only me and yahia was there...

"Weird," I thought. "Maybe just a weird joke?" Yahia's ROBLOXian turned on me and said "This is not a joke... Play my game, or you will die." I was just sitting there. Worried. Nothing to do. So, I left the game and got to his game. When I joined I noticed something weirdly looking at me. It followed me for a bit and then yahia appeared and that figure stopped following me. This is the chat:

Yahia: "Why have you been telling me all those insults?"

Me: "I am sorry, but why are you rude to them?"

Yahia: "Because they are targeters, know what I am saying?"

Me: "Yeah I know what are you talking about but...what happend to them?"

Yahia: "On my death list..."

Me: "Your what?"


Yahia: "Now that you know my secret...I will put you there."

The game suddenly faded to black. The game then crashed. My ROBLOXian changed into his character and he was looking at me. Staring into my eyes. He was right. I am a worthless idiot...

I thought we're friends again? Looks like not...