The "6 Players Abduction" is a strange phenomenon in which every year, on June 6, a server at max of 6 players from any game on ROBLOX will be randomly shut down. Then, any player in the chosen server won't be able to join any other game. As they browse ROBLOX, they will notice the page begin to lose it's styling, until it's nothing but HTML. Then, they won't be able to reach at all. It'll just say "Error" or something like that. After about 1 day of the error screen, their accounts straight up disappear, but they would be able to reach the normal ROBLOX site. If they try to create a new account within 20 days of them losing their account, they get IP banned. If they try to log in, they'll log in as "unknown" and they won't be able to play games, buy hats, change their character OR add friends.

There is only one way to combat the phenomenon and escape it. If you visit "" and go back to the login page, your account will be back and the things that happen will halt. If this ever happens to you, NEVER go to the ROBLOX catalog, or it is said the wrath of the hells will fall upon you.

Error 2016-04-26 20-28-38

A real image taken of the phenomenon.

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