There is a largely unknown ROBLOX glitch you can do. I highly advise that you don't do this because it's permanent, but if you really really want to, go for it.

It's known as '666404'. When you do the glitch, it's believed you are able to play every game, including the ones that have been made inactive and not able to play by the owner. Also, you are able to play tons of Satanic games hidden in the database that ROBLOX cannot find.

To do the glitch, follow these steps.

1: Customize your character so you are completely red and wearing nothing but a hat of your choice.

2: Go to any game that has 'Demon' or 'Demons' in the title. It can be a cart ride into a demon, whatever. It just has to have either Demon or Demons in the title.

3: Say in the chat, '666'.

4: Change your character again (but stay on the game) and make it completely black and wearing nothing but a shirt of your choice.

5: Reset your character on the game so your look changes, then say in the chat '404'.

6: Leave the game.

7: Join any game you want that has 666 or less people playing.

8: Say in the chat, 'You all are my sacrifices'.

9: Log out and don't go on ROBLOX for a week.

10: Log back in. Enjoy playing the games you can now access.

By Mythslegends

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