It was a morning I won't forget to this day I've had nightmares from what I had seen I was on roblox one morning I got a text from someone named 45229 it said "Hey join my game..." I was an idiot I joined I was confused at first I saw a stone man and the person who texted me fake one of course and it was scripted above there head they were arguing then I was teleported and the fake 45229 was stabbing the stone man with a hat my game suddenly crashed I was confused and joined back then I teleported to a forest and a red man with wings on his hat the real 45229 was staring me in the face I looked up at the chat I wanted to speak but it wouldn't let me suddenly in chat he said "why did you return here, I let you leave" I was confused then he said "now you must be punished " I sat there not thinking of it then my computer shut down with the most sinister face I've seen in my life then my headphones played a terrible screaming noise like someone was escaping a from being surrounded in barb wire then my computer went to normal the noise stopped all of a sudden I went on my account my bio was change to 45229 my avatar changed to him and my name in my messages it said "I'll be back another day for you" I changed my bio back and my avatar I was horrified for a demon is after me and his name is 45229..

HA GAY...........




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