So, I was playing ROBLOX with my friends on Quickscope Simulator when my ROBLOX crashed and I needed to redo it all again. I was pissed so I decided to leave it and play it later. When I was chatting with my friends I saw a game called "LEAVE OR DIE" all in caps. I clicked on it and read the comments. There was a comment saying, "DON'T JOIN THE GAME! I SAW MY WORST FEAR!"

Like an idiot, I played it (cliché). There was a house destroyed and burned. I saw a figure inside it. It was Builderman with his normal face that he has. He looked up and then he appeared in front of my face. My ROBLOX crashed and the page I was on was the classic 404 page.

Classic 404

That was weird and I was thinking it might be a glitch or something.

I chatted with my friends about it and they said it could've been just a page that went wrong.

I have finally found a way to get again to the game. It was hard though, and needed 1 hour of research. The game is still called "LEAVE OR DIE" but the new thing was that it had ten ROBLOXians standing in a circle. In the circle was an picture of Builderman with black eyes and a creepy smile. When I got closer to them they all looked at me and a creepy song started to play. The following things I heard were "He is in pain!" and "We're torturing him..."

My game crashed with the Builderman picture with the black eyes and creepy smile. I went back to the page and another 404 page appeared. This time it looked like this.

Creepy 404 1

See the black creepy smile and the eyes? That's what was in the picture. I showed the picture to my friends and they changed their thoughts. I have not found any evidence of others having the same problem too.


No one had the same problem. Maybe my friends are playing a joke on me? Maybe I'm possesed by a spirit? I have no idea. Also, I got something on mind that the pictures show every time I play the game.

I finally could get on ROBLOX after reinstalling it. It happened when I ended writing the last part. Let's get to the fact:

My friends saw the game too and they decided to play it. It was different from mine. The only thing was the same was the first encounter but without the house. They got the second 404 page that I got. But it was just a blank page with the "Requested Page not found" text and Builderman. No buttons or the text under it. They couldn't get to the previous page or close the browser. Then after that the ROBLOX page was all bloody red with Builderman. The last thing they remember was his head circling around the page and then appearing in real life.

I have so much to do now. I have been searching for the game, but nothing. I was searching even on the Forums. But the weird thing was. The forum names were "404". What could that possibly mean? I also saw that i have a place called 40404040404 and more. When i got to it, it showed just 4 Builderman's on a mountain. It seemed very normal. Until I talked to builderman. He was asking, "Why haven't you saved me..." Odd thing was...

I had this in my previous creepypasta. Is he back? Does he want revenge? I have no idea. I will post a video about it soon. But I will find a way to stop this. Wait...I see someone in my window........

hey. it seems your reading the creepypasta. i have a knife with me. if you will say in the comments "this creepypasta sucks" i will NOT kill him. don't need to post that thing above. I got over with it. Also here's the link for the place:

And the link for the video:

The 404's aren't happening to me now. The place is still normal...I wonder what will change...oh waIt! Somethings changed for me. When i was playing a game my character turned into Builderman for a second. Other players looked black and they were being hanged. Then my ROBLOX crashed with a picture of Builderman. I got on the page and all the games were gone. But only one was there. It was "Ride Into A Noob!" I got on it. It started peacefully.

There were hearts everywhere, happy ROBLOXians and other things. The game crashed. But it was just a troll... when I rode through the fake crash, everything changed. The sky was black, the grass was dark green and the ROBLOXians were dead. The hearts turned into graves. I then really crashed.

No more strange things were happening. I have found a way to erase this thing. I restarted my computer like 5 times. When I first restarted it, text appeared.

"I have found a way to destroy you."

Second restart was: "Just don't restart the computer."

I was slightly scared but still restarted it.

"Stop it," The third restart said. I was still slightly scared and ignored it.

"I will infect your computer, your Roblox account and everything that, you have." The fourth restart was odd. I saw a black ROBLOXian. It was Builderman. He had the crying face. I did the last restart...

"Soon...soon your life will be a living nightmare. Soon, [MY REAL LIFE NAME]..."

HOW THE HELL DID IT KNOW MY NAME?! I was scared for a minute. I was just looking at the screen. With my eyes...but I froze. I heard a breath behind me. When i could turn around...

It was Builderman with blood on his face, brain matter oozing out and bones under his legs. I just realized it was a dream. My computer was on and the text on it was:

"Thanks..." in a red color and black background.


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