I was playing Minecraft until I got bored. I then searched 'run games to play'. I didn't notice the run, instead of fun. But anyways, I saw a game called RuN FOr YoUr LiFE' It was on Roblox, so I decided to make an account. It was called Creepycraft. I bought some stuff, and then decided to just play as a noob. I then clicked Play Now.

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First, my character was all black. I walked around, and saw a white wall in this bloody room. I ran. I found a doorway, and stepped into it. The white wall whizzed by. I stepped back, and found another white wall. I also saw another door way. This time though, I didn't get to the doorway in time. The screen faded to black, and these words appeared: YOU FAILED. I then left, because I was creeped out. I re-joined, and then I saw YOU FAILED. DON'T COME BACK. I listened, but when I clicked on the catalog once more, it said YOU FAILED. I quit Roblox. I revisited this account this year, and it said DON'T COME BACK. I left.