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This is a true story

April 1, 2012

I started up ROBLOX and went to my favorite game called Work at the pizza place. Everything was normal until the chat system was messed up by someone we didn't know. Then they hacked in some swear words that is NOT ever censored. I thought how in world is that possible? I closed the player and went to ROBLOX, but i was shocked. There was messages in red like this: Do A Barrel Roll, thank you minish for messing up the economy, nub, etc. Then i realised something was wrong. All administrators were active. How is that possible? But then i realised it was hackers. I looked in Catalog and i saw a new face that looked like the C: emoticon. C: I was freaked out. The face was bought by only one player: Stickmasterluke. I had a lots of currency and tried to buy it, but when i try it fails. Then they started messing up forums like reesemcblox. She said original but they changed it to: i'm a big fat cow i love sucking ear and dick. They messed it up and ROBLOX had to shutdown.

April 2, 2012

Everything got repaired. Hackers were banned. C: Face remained until some next day. ROBLOX was normal at this day. I looked at calendar and realised those hackers hacked ROBLOX for April Fools day. They've could put ROBLOX to end. Hopefully admins recovered their accounts and banned hackers. Returned everything back to normal. Now since then no more hacks is in ROBLOX. Remember those hackers are dangerous than fake 1x1x1x1.

Freaky Roblox Face

C: Face as released by hackers